1. It looks like you’re getting ‘on’ this shit

  2. I aint smoked meth in 6 years now and I immediately just tasted it when watching this

  3. Weed getkys you higher then meth in terms of a kick in the shit rather then the shit today, back then you have a shivering body moment, moving up a down , saying Da Da, and spracked asf , cameras in walls type shit psychosis , from no sleep , Now you can overdue if your up for a week then next week sleep a. Couple or few times that week , then your gonna get the last dependency , The decreased appetite still remains but you'll eat it , but from not over doing it you'll eat ya good and gag , And I know shit is cut with fentanyl , why , because you'll fall asleep too it , norcelspy , falling asleep once you get into a comfortable , like just now holy shit I just fucming

  4. Dude... What the fuuuuck are you talking about... seriously?

  5. Your on a good one huh , I am old enough to say back then stfu , I have young parents and , I'm 19, stop being judgemental ,, twacker

  6. Yea but I don't get how I can't f text back person who called me a faggot or see it , and how the tf did tik tok just download on Google store

  7. Na you fool , The dope today ain't the same as back then , cut with fent,, crashing out, having spasms nodded out

  8. Go crazy ay ay go stupid ay ay

  9. Man, looking at this needing a hit after I run out of crystals is driving me crazy🤪

  10. Dang mon , I usually just make Music ,loops , programming on a DAW app on me phone, when I come down.

  11. Just got some shit from buddy for like Andrew Jackson 💸, just to help me get through the day yeeeehaaaaa🤠😂

  12. Nice man , I got dumb luck today , gambler shit. Bought 1, 5$ poker scratcher, won 20$ , then went to gas station , got same Scratcher , won 20$ again.went to store right next to their got one 5$ crossword lolz , gave to my dad cause I knew it was a win without even it being scratched yet , 15$ went back their and Bought only 1 20$ scratcher , won 100$, Now I need to chill tf out cause it's sign That if I get more , Badluck, Never know could win 4x in a row on 5$ ones , now that's just Fate .

  13. Lolz, yea I could see that, Darkwave Jazzy vibe, what Pisses Me off when people call this Techno. It's Industrial [Electro body music]

  14. Have fun being muted for 3 days crackhead

  15. West , Sol Cal, 40$ - 2.5 gs, 1g[ Dub ] is 20 , But better get a Ball , instead of those 2 sacs , 50-55$ usually , The shit is Decent , crackback is stable , Tan/ yellow , but burns fast if not at least 0.5 or more packed in thee pook

  16. Finally someone not using a jet lighter but your still holding the flame way to close to the bowl bro your cooking your shit.

  17. Yea , quite ppl say that , using a lighter or torch just depends on type of thin or thickness of thee pook . Yea the beats in this, Seems to be From A synthesizer , Analog probably and The knobs get that white noise sound is higher noise effect .

  18. What happened to quitting man? Obviously it didn't go well for either of us huh?

  19. Yea , it's a just addicting asf , I'll know to stop , think it's about time to stop and start smoking weed like I use too, cause I'm not addicted to pot anymore , from overdoing shit

  20. First part of it , probably is not the main guy from Front 242, sounds alike tho , Might be right if it's a fan made song , prolly used in late 80s by djs . the pitches in these songs.

  21. Ye, song way underground , Chanting snare effect, Reznor definitely had. idea of that , couple yrs later back then . Gonna try and recreate the sounds on the Deutschland album, good wav samples of the 909 and 707 perc, seems like they used TR Snares , Bass kick , layered

  22. Neat. I’d take the track stems if you want to share/collab.

  23. Thanks , sorry I can't I'm kinda over with this track anyway , Unless Start New, You have bandpass the app?

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