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  1. It’s almost like they are only choosing from A list celebrities. Pretty sure the world is a lot larger than that; even among Hollywood there are better looking people like Henry Cavil or Brad Pitt

  2. I think this is based on who’s got most media work in this or the last year.

  3. Lol this is BS. Hrithik Roshan is not on this list, and neither is Henry Cavill. Harry Styles is not particularly attractive. I agree with Chris Hemsworth, Rob Pat and Henry Golding though

  4. I think this was just based in who’s popular this or the last year perhaps.

  5. Give it to somebody with dryer or more textured hair than you. It’s what my neighbor did which is how I discovered it. Nothing wrong with that. As for hair lines for you I would try Trader Hoes Tea Tree line if you say it’s “too greasy”. That line is amazing for normal to oily hair types and makes their hair shine. Sally Beauty’s Ion Volume or Biotera Ultra Thick and Volume line helps beautifully with thinner hair that’s prone to oil. Honestly Sally’s or Trader Hoes are great for your hair type.

  6. Had anyone figured out h how cats can develop a friendly relationship with damn near every single animal?

  7. Big, aggressive and agile enough to not be prey: Little, sweet and furry enough to be deemed “cute” by common land animals. Understand and smart enough to be deemed worthy companion by humans. Usually it rolls like this: More introverted and pacific people prefer cats, more outgoing and social people prefer dogs. It’s not set in stone but its a good rule of thumb to help act accordingly when dealing with others.

  8. That is a massive red flag. I get not being attracted to white people (or any other POC) but actively not wanting to befriend them is racist and terrible. Some people have been brainwashed to believe being rude/prejudice/racist to white people is ok, and I think that's terribly wrong.

  9. This. This is awful. I get that she’s had some terrible experiences likely but this is not fair to all white people. Or anyone. This made me cry a little. This is not the way.

  10. What sticks out to me is that they’re all smiling and that first guy has a beautiful smile. Lmao like how are they so comfortable with holding death. And the danger noodles look so majestic.

  11. Trueeee 🍵👀. I live in India and men think it’s their birth right to harass a woman if she’s pretty.

  12. This is common in Latin America especially amongst the Latino Caribbeans. They’re awful. Heck the whole concept of “come mierda” is about this and you can literally see men get a panic attack when you resist the jab or are immune to it. My mom warned me but I thought she was pessimistic and her depression was basically PTSD from that. Well the same thing happened up here since we have a small number of us in the states. It’s not uncommon for a lot of women of our backgrounds to honestly want nothing to do with our backgrounds because of the bullying tendency and the machismo. However acid attacks exist here in the states too, I experienced one by a colleague who wanted to take it out on me the fact that her boyfriend wouldn’t stop hitting on me in front of her despite my telling him it was extremely disrespectful.

  13. South asia, being pretty is just a burden and an invitation to violence of all sorts. I hated being attractive until I went to the states. Like HATED. I would wear baggy clothes and never wear makeup etc.

  14. This is extremely common in the Latino communities especially in the Caribbeans. Honestly word for word.

  15. Why does it have to be women to do it why not guys to each other?

  16. Men don’t do that. Women think supporting each other is part of some secret “men’s club” out there. It doesn’t exist. We have no support from anyone and fight for everything we have.

  17. Dude let me tell you one thing…just because some women are friendly to each other doesn’t mean it’s all kumbaya. Some women are crazy insecure, competitive and petty and are awful to other women. If you think just because women develop social skills that we’re all “kind” to one another you have another thing coming. Welcome to humanity 101, we’re a competitive creature. We don’t have that sense of supporting each other like you think we do either. Either way it’s not our job to placate your insecurities. Being a young woman whenever I have tried to be kind to men I get stalked or hit on. It sucks. If men don’t do that then adapt and make it happen because you’re not making it safe for women to do that job when we’re trying to just survive humanity and getting this BS from both sexes. Why do you think more and more women take depression medication or go seek out therapy? Not all of us are close to our families or have them either. It’s all wishful thinking. Just because some of us do doesn’t mean we all do. That’s reality.

  18. It’s not that we act different from the guys is that we’re women and women are expected to act a certain way and a big ticker of that is definitely NOT like ISTPs. So a lot of us adopt hints and bits of what are idealized feminine traits and merge it with our own. So we often look like we’re either INTP or INFJ which is what we tend to behave like when we adopt some of the more “feminine acceptable” ENFP and ESFP function stack. I thought I was an INTP for the longest time except in all the tests I took I always got it as the second option. I disregarded it because ISTP is seen as one of the tougher types for women but as I got older it made more sense.

  19. Not even in my case. I’m very much a hyper femme woman I just “think” like a guy I’m told. Mom says I’m what happens when a guy got reincarnated as a woman. 😂 I didn’t believe in that until my parents told me when I was small I had a terrifying fear of water because I kept saying I drowned before and that I got shot. I thought it was weird as fuck but yeah they said I kept saying I was a guy before. 😂😅

  20. I think these were alternated with the actual looks of the collection. Often designers like to throw random things like this to refresh the eye and provide entertainment. They’re not really to be worn or bought but to entertain the audience while looking at the collections.

  21. Does it actually work for dark spots?

  22. Their “white” version does. I think it’s called “Great White” or something and it has 10% magnesium ascorbyl phosphate which is a very gentle and more stable version of vitamin c. Otherwise the OG version feels like a less nourishing snail sauce.

  23. Thanks if it works then I’m willing to pay the $30 for it.

  24. I will say the “Great White” is worth the cash. The others not so much.

  25. You've got plenty of great skincare advice in the comments, but i'd also recommend trying a lighter colored eyeliner/mascara. You've got a gorgeous eye shape and the harsh contrast is dragging them down visually.

  26. Agree! That was my first thought. I find heavy black eye makeup to be really aging, especially on fairer skinned people. IMO eyelash extensions make pretty much everyone look much older than their age -- they are just too much and always too BLACK.

  27. I’m high contrast as they come except I’m not 30 but this did come up on my feed and I didn’t realize it. But yeah I don’t even wear black mascara with my tan skin, dark green eyes with black rims and very thick black hair since it looks too dramatic. I look amazing in black clothes but trying black eyeliner or mascara on my face looks too harsh so I imagine someone as muted as this beautiful woman will get eaten alive by it and she is. She needs a bronze or shimmery brown eyeliner or maybe a taupe if she tilts very muted (and looks best on browns instead of greys).

  28. This is the first thing I noted with her too. Just because black is often flattering doesn’t mean it’s the best option and her overall coloring is too muted for such an optic shade. Her base is also too flat and lackluster. She needs a shimmery brown or gold eyeliner and maybe choose a sheer coverage foundation and only use it on some spots as her freckles work to warm up her look. She wins with a more subtle complexion look. I would’ve also added a glossier peachy lip and shimmering cheek to bring light to her face and voila. Let the hair down too or at least bring out some bangs. She doesn’t look “old” she looks dry and colorless so she needs to add stuff that brings light to her instead of taking away light and making her look grey and stark. She’s a pretty woman she’s just not using color on top of maybe not hydrating and also using too harsh a makeup look for her face.

  29. Another thing women don’t often talk about is how sometimes they seek older guys because they’re easier to impress and get than the guys we have too many girls competing for at our ages. No offense but I could easily get the guys everyone wanted but a few friends admitted if they couldn’t they could try with an older guy who would go gaga over the age difference to try to brag to their friends. These guys sometimes are willing to spend lots of $$ to impress you and take you out and a girl wanting validation or desperate for it will take it. Human nature is super complicated and there’s variables to everything.

  30. Its gross in my eyes as someone who is 18 currently. I have no idea why any grown adult would wanted to date someone barely out of highschool.

  31. I’m 19 and honestly when I argue against it because of what I’ve seen from friends and just living in real life guys get super defensive or say that I’m being “jaded” which is alarming. So to them we’re mature for some things until we express or have our own opinions. A lot of guys get super alarmed when I call them out for expecting me to be some empty headed barbie with no personality or will of my own because of my age, as if I don’t have eyes or intelligence. I admit I’m young and I don’t know everything therefore I can be naive. But naive doesn’t mean “daft”.

  32. They both have orange braincells. Your friend has his hand up his kitty’s butthole. 😂

  33. You’re really huffing dangerous amounts of copium in these comments lmao

  34. I am sorry? I just thought to maybe share something that’s often minimized as frivolous when it can be interesting. I always thought anything people make to be fascinating as it reminds me were so industrious and crafty. If cars, trains and video games get respected because they’re more “masculine” hobbies perhaps why not arts that are used as “tools” of seduction or health like fashion, beauty, fitness etc when often many of the crafters are also men? It’s all about perspective.

  35. The sex work and porn industry are absolutely and without a shred of doubt garbage industries that do nothing but poison the world and act as a playground for demons to suck the life from the young and beautiful who don't know any better or what they're getting themselves into.

  36. Yes I know but people don’t stop consuming them. Often even saying consuming them is biology or some kind of birth right when it comes at the expense of quality of life for far too many. However my point still stands, a lot of people especially men make fun of women’s hobbies or more fanciful hobbies as if they’re not just a creative fix like more masculine appealing hobbies or arts like cars, sports, woodwork, comic books, etc. They make fun of it while deliberately ignoring it’s an extension of both human interest and creativity it’s just not maybe as popular in masculine circles because men are often judged from liking to make beauty or more delicate arts like cooking, baking, etc when like any human they have a knack for it. I just wanted to teach others to look things from another perspective before passing judgement or disregarding something as invaluable or irrational.

  37. She's saying she shot herself up with this stuff once a week and never knew what it was? That's some bullshit right there.

  38. Honestly I worked as a nurse and can tell you this is more common than let on. People lead busy lives sometimes they can’t even remember what day it is you expect them to remember some medication that most people including doctors can’t pronounce? Remember, not out of offense or disrespect but most people aren’t that bright. And sometimes it’s ok and a lot more people would be happy if we just look at it with compassion and understand and just try to help each other. At least I’m naive and still treat people that way because honestly you never know what lives people lead. Yes in this case it can be ridiculous but I learned to lead with compassion as a lot of people are frazzled or not meticulous.

  39. Do I expect them to remember what various pills they take?

  40. I do things like this on a smaller scale to my wife but if I did this to her she would hunt me for sport

  41. My big brother did this to my mom once and she farted. Like a big fart. In front of everyone. Then ran and followed my brother for about 1.5 miles in heels with the chancla of death in her hand then peed herself laughing and crying after giving up. He climbed onto a tree and she tried to climb it but while at it one of her heels broke so she just gave up, splitting up laughing while peeing. It was glorious. My brother lived but he bought her a pair of fancy heels the next day as apology. Dad made my brother promise to never do it again as one should never make your mom pee or fart in public. My brother kept at it for year. 😂

  42. Maybe I should scare my wife so I can hear her fart for the first time in 20 years of marriage.

  43. Damn. Seriously? She’s probably one of those people who would die rather than let one out in front of their partners. I saw one of those at a hospital, she was like 50 and it was so scary. She could also be like my dad’s mom who farts “quiet”…her parts sound like a very low “beeeeeeep”.🤣 We thought she never farted then one day she napped in the living room couch and we kept hearing random “beeeeeeep” and we thought it was her snoring but it turned out to be her farting.

  44. My brain is so confused…and why is her magic wand bigger than most straight guys’? I’m lost but ok.

  45. Housing is extremely cheap if you avoid big metro areas. The same is true pretty much everywhere, though.

  46. Problems is not everyone can avoid the metro areas especially if you look a certain way. No offense as a POC I wouldn’t risk going to somewhere where there’s not at least 10 of me in the US. Sounds awful but it’s just something some of us have to think about. Also for example you can’t find some cultural food in some small towns. When I lived in suburbia my parents had to drive hours to the nearest store that sold cultural foods when I was little. It’s better now but it sucked back then as we missed our foods dearly and hated the tendencies of ready made carb heavy shit that most of the locals ate around us. It’s more complicated than that but honestly there’s also a mentality thing and I might be an introvert but I become a social butterfly when I meet like minded folks. In the cities I find more like minded people and make more friends while in the small towns it’s easy to stick out like an alien and be lonely.

  47. Yeah it’s weird but if society thinks women are “mature” enough to date then why doesn’t it think men of the same age? Especially when in the long run men die 10-15 years sooner than the average older woman anyways? It makes no sense for men to be perpetual fetuses for most of their life while women are thought ripe fruit for 85% of their lifespan.

  48. Just from my own mind and experiences. People shit on women being gossipy, but thats how those aggressions get out. Toxic words. Or at the height of aggression. A gun isn't personal enough. Women tend to be more personal. Poisons and knives.

  49. Women deliver mental trauma on others by gossiping and reputation sabotaging (hence why depression and other emotional maladies are super common in women and why they tend to seek help via medication). Men in general choose to physically manifest that anger and distress. Difference is men literally turn the life out when they kill others while gossiping women create the living dead. Honestly they’re both terrible.

  50. masculinity, particularly in “personal responsibility” countries like the US, is tied to dominance over others. This dominance comes in 3 main forms.

  51. I agree with this so much. Western Masculinity is super absolute and centered on extreme dominance as opposed to cooperation which is bound to make men who genetically lack that a big vengeful. I never thought of it this way but this makes a lot of sense. My brothers said this once when we saw a major shooting being covered on TV. I have four older brothers and one younger brother as well as my dad, step dad and grandpas. They ALL said what you said and weirdly enough so did their friends (we had a bday cookout and when it came to the news we all had this discussion).

  52. Basically what I’m noting is that it’s boring when you get older because everyone starts creating their own worlds and families. Misery loves company hence most people will be more adamant to couple up to not be alone or stick out which makes sense.

  53. WHY DO THEY ALL HAVE THIS?? It's impossible that they don't feel it! It's always up their anus!

  54. They do it so that people would stare at them. The ones who do this want people to look and validate them.

  55. This is why I respect gyms who have a private women’s room because yes even if she’s a rude asshole here that should be an option for the women that are uncomfortable. It took me a few days but I found a gym who has a private women’s area with ample machines and weights of all sorts. You get ALL the machines out on the floor but for a private area. For someone more shy like me this is wonderful. Except I have a feeling women like her would not be the sort to use the private room.

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