1. Lower one. The flat edge should make contact with the edge of the jar, and the U shape above cushions the seal.

  2. You do you op, don't worry about the negative comments. I've got a similar desk lamp I use for rooting cuttings in the winter :)

  3. Oh I just realised I've sorted by top and not hot. Was gonna say, I know climate is weird right now but garlic in December!

  4. I saw a cherry blossom in my neighborhood starting to flower last week which freaked me out a little. ['Everything is fine' meme]

  5. I covered my bucket with black duct tape, haven't had any issues maintaining the light/dark cycle

  6. Yeah, I had way too much. I'll take your suggestion for when I visit at Christmas

  7. You can also make a dry starter by mixing a tablespoon of lively starter with enough flour to give you a bread crumb texture. Just rehydrate when you get home. I've done this when family abroad have asked me to bring them starter when I go to visit.

  8. Someone told me their oven and stove went out right before they were going to cook a couple trout they just harvested. They triple Ziploc bagged the fish and cooked them in the dishwasher.

  9. I've heard of this before but I've never tried it! sadly my current place is too small to put a dishwasher in.

  10. In college I was broke and trying so save some money, so I never had the gas turned on in my rental (I was living in FL so wasn't worried about needing heat, the water heater was electric, so the only thing I'd be missing was the stove). When I needed to cook anything I had a toaster oven, and if I wanted to get a good sear on anything I'd pop my cast iron in the toaster oven, get it nice and hot, and use the residual heat of the pan to cook. It wasn't perfect but it worked well enough for a broke collage student to eat burgers and chicken when I was hungry for a non baked version!

  11. Good economisation! And I love your commitment to decent tasting food even when you were a broke student :)

  12. Smart move! How are you dressing them up to eat? Jam? Butter? Ham? Full savage mode (aka plain)?

  13. I ate a couple plain as soon as they were cool enough (quality control, you know how it is), the other two are for breakfast tomorrow, SO wants sausage mcmuffins :D

  14. This is absolutely incredible! I already abandoned Kratky and moved to DWC but seeing your stuff makes me rethink this.

  15. I've grown herbs and chillies on my windowsills with kratky set-ups since before I started growing weed. You could experiment with something like that if your productive grow space is full?

  16. Not a bad idea. You didn’t have issues with peppers on a window? I was worried it wasn’t going to be enough light.

  17. I've been fine with serranos and some seeds a friend gave me he called "super chillies", they're both smaller varieties I think. I tried a rocoto and it didn't do well, not enough space or light so it got converted to soil and gifted to my folks to put in their garden. I'm in south east England for reference.

  18. You could try making your own starter cultures, they use dry chickpeas in Turkey I think, and chili stems in India. (Other yoghurt eating countries probably have different ways of starting it!) Heat the milk as you normally would, add 5 or 6 dried chickpeas/chilli stems and let it sit for a few hours. Make a few successive batches for the culture to stabilise with small amounts of milk each time and then you should be good to go.

  19. It's a Hjälpa shelf for a platsa cupboard (bought in the UK)

  20. I found something at IKEA i really liked....and I showed it to my FIL and he built it out of nice hardwood.

  21. He sounds great to have around. Did you have to ask or just mentioned you liked it and he stormed off to his workshop?

  22. Not sure if this is still the case but they'd banned foraging there (large fines if caught). People were overdoing it and caused damage to the forest ecosystem. It's a beautiful place, enjoy responsibly :)

  23. That’s great. Love more details on the grow

  24. Cheers, it's a northern lights photoperiod plant. Growing it under a 30W warm white led in a budget spacebucket. I used a cadbury's celebrations tub for the container and I'm using an organic plant food for chillies. Check out

  25. Are you not pumping air into the water with this method?

  26. No, I only fill it up half way when it needs a top up so the top half of the roots aren't in water, they got oxygen from the air gap.

  27. Good discussion whichedge, I just wanted to point out that heroin and synthetic opioids are extremely valuable, medical pain relief - the problems stem from human greed, the sackler family who make the opioids convinced (paid) doctors to over prescribe to deliberately get people hooked for $$$, and crack was part of a long term systematic history of screwing over black people in America when it looked like they were starting to get successful. We haven't had nearly the same level of problems with either of those two in Europe (not to say we don't have other issues). Cocaine if it's good quality and in moderation can be enjoyed much like weed, with little to no consequences aside from making users unbearable assholes at parties.

  28. I'm 65, and come from the mexibrick era. Back then, only a few had access to really good smoke. The rest of us dealt with compressed blocks filled with seeds, stems, condoms, roach bugs, et al I've seen it. Maybe someone would turn up with some Thai sticks on a rare occasion.

  29. Just an aside to say modern stains are pretty easy to grow, the narrow thriving range comes from a combination of people trying to push the plants to maximum yield and a reddit/internet forum tendency to over complicate things. I have modest yield requirements and I've found it easier than chillies.

  30. This might work ok for seedlings but your herbs will grow very slowly and you won't get much in terms of chillies or other fruits. The link says each tube is 5W so it'll have 10W total. Generally the more power you have the more light you get so better growth. You can also use white light which is nicer to look at than the blue/red ones. Not sure if it'll work with your space but if you can fit 3 or 4 light sockets in that space, even with regular cfl bulbs you'll get more light in that system. If you don't mind paying you can also get very efficient small led panels that would fit your space. Good luck with the build, post updates!

  31. Think it's time then, thanks and lovely plant you got there

  32. Just to piggy back on this, I've kept houseplants and grown chillies and herbs for years but didn't try growing my own till lockdown. Wish I'd done it sooner. Have fun with it!

  33. Could be that your pans are too big for the amount of dough you're using. For this kind of thing I try and get the pre-proof dough almost the full length and width of the pan so the only space for expansion is up when it rises.

  34. I believe OP is asking if plants can grow in outer space. And the answer is no. Definitely not. However In a space craft under the right conditions, you could in theory, potentially grow herbs in a space bucket.

  35. To your second point: they've grown and eaten salad crops on the international space station! Largest and most literal spacebucket so far.

  36. I'm growing northern lights photoperiod at the moment, short and bushy, relatively quick to harvest and resilient as fuck. Would recommend.

  37. Thanks, I'll look for one that lets me change the fuse

  38. Is it for a bathroom? If so, why wouldn’t you tap into the lighting circuit and have a timer?

  39. Hi, no it's for a grow cupboard but these ventaxia fans are less than half the decibel rating and easier to install in my set up than the ones marketed for the purpose.

  40. Paolo bacigalupi's "wind up girl" and "the water knife" were amazing. Really atmospheric, I felt like I was in the worlds he made, well written characters and great plots. He seems to only write climate dystopia though so quite bleak.

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