1. I remember around 2003 or so my oldest brother worked with a gentleman from Bosnia, who liked to frequent Twisters and have a few drinks and flirt with the women. He would always talk about on lady in particular, and how they fooled around, blah, blah. Well it ended up being Tony's (then) wife. I don't believe he was ever busted with his wife but he had 0 fucking clue who TT was...had he known, I'd think he'd find another lady to schmooze.

  2. I assume there is no talking about this to her? Getting on the same page? Starting with the baby steps of striking that uncomfortable conversation about how you feel and why and seeing if she opens up, then taking it from there?

  3. Michters over Stagg and Van Winkle? Woodford over Stagg and Van Winkle??!!

  4. Michters being “most admired” US whiskey seems random to me honestly. Not sure what the qualifications are

  5. Yea I enjoy Michters. Have their Rye and Bourbon. But i don't think it's the most admired.

  6. We’re they giving away bottles or just pours?

  7. Chicago Cubs v. St. Louis Cardinals in London next year. 2 very historic franchises. Some of the greatest players have played for the 2 teams. Maybe look into them. Then you could see them next year. Of course I hate the Cubs...(one of the top rivalries in MLB)

  8. Very solid picks. Both good if enjoying neat, w/ a big cube, or as a cocktail.

  9. His OPS in Sept/Oct (.649) is lower than his SLG in August (.729), his SLG (.347) is lower than his OBP on the season up to that point (.370), and his OBP (.302) is lower than his AVG (.307) up to that point in the season.

  10. This seems like something id enjoy. I like bitter cocktails. Cynar and Malort both have that almos5 extreme bitter aspect. I've never had China China, looks like it's a sweet bitter. Seems odd to not have any kind of simple or citrus...

  11. I tried a taste of China China and it is basically alcoholic candied orange peel, so those are covered lol.

  12. Ahh well then. Sounds like just mess with your portions. I may try at work myself.

  13. I believe you could do it inside for free...if you don't need recognition on a screen.

  14. Quick Google search says "average years played is 2.7" so find the non-pitcher in the 3 year range. Who hit around .250? With 1hr and 3 rbi?? These seem to be the rough averages since 1900. Obviously game changes every +/- 15 years. Or now w rule changes, every +/- 15 months.

  15. After re-reading question: "when you think of average, you think of this guy?"

  16. This requires two dimensions, and not just the single dimension that people are talking about. Yes, a player can have a 100 ERA+ for 10 years, but is the average mlb player even around for 10 years??

  17. I'd say no. But I'd suppose you'd have to take every single player to ever play and the total years played by all. Divide by total players. Then we can start there.

  18. Never had ORVW 10. Had Pappy 23 once and thought it was excellent. Some of my friend who have had the 15 and 23 like the 15 better.

  19. To me, too hot. But again this whole "1-way" Bourbon is enjoyed idea has gotten crazy it seems. I have a friend that is an excellent professional bartender, level 2 somm for wine, knows bourbon, whiskey, blah,blah. She prefers 15 too. I mean hell man I do well with Makers when it comes to the wheated styles. So there's that, haha.

  20. Is this one of those classic, “let me ask a stupid question just so I can disagree with everyone in the comments” thread?

  21. Stirred with ice: 2oz bourbon or rye .25oz honey simple 4dash "fall" Bitters Strain over: 2 smaller smoked ice cubes or 1 large sphere

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