1. Sonic frontiers will probably go on sale as most Sega games do. I caved and bought it on the steam winter sale and really loved playing it. Don't regret buying at all.

  2. to add to this the gc bot is basically free with that server with over 8k memebers u can just download it in 5 minutes and its a toggle on/off bot it has some bugs which i did exploit in my game with the bot but the guy took over and started playing whenever i make the bot stop and demo it for a free goal, psyonix gotta really work asap on this ranked is dying quickly

  3. i see this guy's vids every now and then. what is his name ?

  4. It does bc I care about how easily someone gives their body for sex. To be clear I don't judge anyone for their body count in general, but a lower body count is something I look for in someone I'm dating.

  5. I have Kamara Patterson and White. Leaning Kamara and White

  6. Maybe this would be annoying, but I wish the trade system sent out a veto notification to all players that they had like an hour to respond to and then it went through. I don’t see why it needs to take multiple days and force commissioners to push it through

  7. i think our league has the 24 hour period to prevent collusion which makes sense. so it's not processed until 24 hours later after accepted

  8. Would you do Patterson and Hopkins for ETN? I'd have Pittman filling in for WR

  9. Actually nvm. Would be Pittman and Patterson for ETN

  10. 100%. Kittle never gets the ball lol. I have both and need 18 points. Hoping dhop gets 16 because unless he gets a TD, I expect kittle to get 2 again

  11. Arizona is 32nd vs TE, so that's why I'm worried

  12. Do I start Pittman or Watson?? half ppr

  13. The amount of Tee owners hoping he’s out for the year is funny, such weird dudes.

  14. i own both and want chase back so bad lol

  15. Umm just was offered Lenny for Toney half ppr. Smash accept no?

  16. Me too but I need chase back ASAP lol

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