1. It’s weird how Aegon looks younger.

  2. Can we all appreciate Ramin Djawadi please? The music of this episode was incredible!

  3. Is there hate? How? This show has been dropping bangers every week since the debut.

  4. Baela said that Vhagar was her mother's dragon therefore it was her to claim. But Aemond claimed Vhagar thanks to the Valyrian language, and remember in ep6 Daemon hasn't taught Baela any Valyrian so she will never have succeed it.

  5. I am sure Daemon could get Baela hip to a few key phrases with Valyrian Duolingo so that she could have taken Vhagar out for a spin.

  6. I think the show will just ignore that little bit of lore and let Seasmoke take on a new rider, honestly not a huge deal imo

  7. I like the theory that Addam is Laenor, returned and in disguise.

  8. So is Laenor a devoted family man or not? After his sister dying he was so quick to abandon his parents and Jace, Luc, and Joffrey? Even though he was so devastated about Laena?

  9. I think he knows on some level that they may be safer with him gone and Rhaenyra married to Daemon, at least in theory.

  10. But why would Norman believe it if he didn’t do it?

  11. Sincerely fucking hate the fact that no major comic book characters can just settle down and be happy. Luke fucking Cage is in a loving relationship with Jessica Jones and they're raising a kid. But Peter gets constantly shafted of meaningful romance because editors are too afraid to let him progress past the safe space that is young man Spidey. I want spider dad god dammit, and I wanna see Mayday fuck Mephisto up since they've been teasing that.

  12. Spidey was at his modern best around the time of the first Civil War, when he was a teacher, and an adult-adult.

  13. Jesus she even has braces c’mon maaan

  14. Tyrion and Tywin at the same time and force them to work together as equals for family therapy. Tyrion would be the Right Hand and Tywin would be the Left Hand.

  15. If you're strength / faith then you should be using the clawmark. At 45 strength/faith, 2 handing the seal, it takes over 60 faith for any other seal to compete, so unless we are talking new game + with incredibly high stats, no other seal competes on a strength/faith build.

  16. What if you are using godslayer incantations. Would the claw still beat out the godslayer seal if you are a strength build.

  17. Simple. Every first run of a souls game, ever since DeS, has to be a single two handed UGS run. It's a matter of habit, principle and love for Berserk.

  18. Oh he'll support Rhaenyra because the king declared her his heir. But after that, the ball's in the air. He won't bend the knee to Jacaerys after her.

  19. What if Rhaenyra legitimized her kids officially?

  20. she did the blink thing that cats do when they seem to be saying I understand, before breathing out fire

  21. Lol I read that as “the blink thing cats do when the seem to be saying I understand before breathing out fire”, implying that cats notoriously breathe fire but only in moments of understanding.

  22. Cats would eat you in your sleep if they thought they could get away with it

  23. The big ones will eat you when you’re awake.

  24. Covetous demon too, the first one is in Earthen Peak, the second is in the Ivory Crown DLC.

  25. After that Yung Gravy interview.... Ethan is the joker brain... You can never change my mind! Everyone else... They are his goons.

  26. Ethan’s Joker brain really shined there. A notable moment is when he asked if Yung “minded” if they all watched his leaked sex tape lol.

  27. The people behind Invincible and The Boys aren’t the same type of people who are behind Rings of Power. The people behind Invincible and The Boys really have passion for the source material and respect for it. I doubt they would exclude it due to it’s importance to Marks development and trauma.

  28. In hindsight the goldish/yellow makes this area feel like an Elden Ring location.

  29. This is actually pretty fucking funny

  30. That condescending look he gives his mate/mates though

  31. Superman looks like he's enjoying Robin shooting up, and is relishing in the shock on Batman's face.

  32. “Personally, my son would never do that”

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