1. He played really well with the ball and poorly without. I would call it an okay game

  2. I genuinely believe Sambi can be a good player in a slower league. He's great on the ball but off the ball he's lacking.

  3. I think he has the tools to develop to be better off the ball. He’s just not good enough to be doing it at Arsenal @ the moment. Sell him or loan him don’t let him rot with low confidence on the bench.

  4. Yeah man I agree. I say we loan him for a year and then decide on his future at the club based on that.

  5. Looks a player. ~£21m + won't hinder Martinelli's development, I call that a win. Probably can get a good 3 years out of him.

  6. He didn't call them dogs. In Spanish it's slang. Much like the saying "Viva Mexico Cabrones", you're not calling the people bastards.

  7. Bro the way you'd translate that so it's not "dogs" is "bitches" lmao Brandon knew what he was doing. He even started that by playing it up like nice guy Brandon then jump scared em with a "Long live Mexico bitches." He was having fun with it.

  8. It was a sly dig so I get what you mean but he wasn't calling them bitches or whatever and trying to insult them Covington style lol

  9. My RCS has worked perfectly except for a few weeks ago I tried chatting with a coworker who has a Samsung and it failed. Aside from that it is great

  10. It's pretty obvious when its a connection issue with the recipient vs this, because it'll tell you that it's waiting for X to come online. This issue just results in an outright failure to send, instantly, over and over, and sometimes the SMS fallback option will also outright fail, and only work again if you disable RCS entirely.

  11. That's weird because I'm my instance RCS failed and so did text. I had to manually send as a text in the morning. I immediately texted my other friend and RCS went through just fine. Very strange

  12. Just saw that Conor got knocked off his bike in Ireland. Seems ok though maybe some scrapes

  13. Fuck I'd be terrified having to give him a lift back home. I'd be thinking that maniac would beat me into a pulp lmao

  14. Made the bench last 2 games. I don't see why he wouldn't make it again, especially as it's a cup fixture

  15. Check out my latest post. Try turning off Adaptive Connectivity

  16. You can type it into search in settings, should come up

  17. 16 hours till Haaland is pocketed by our CBs how y'all feeling

  18. these prices, no thanks. My two year old phone works perfectly fine

  19. Yup. The only reason I replaced my OnePlus 8 Pro was because the screen and back had a crack in it. If the screen was fine I would've just replaced the battery in about a year and kept it

  20. Well regardless, turning off that feature has fixed any disruption in my data speeds despite having service. This has been tested in the exact same location at my desk at work during the day and at the gym at night.

  21. A bit more info in case you're wondering if this is the same issue as yours:

  22. Check out my latest post. Try turning off Adaptive Connectivity

  23. Check out my latest post. Try turning off Adaptive Connectivity

  24. You can set it up so a double tap on the back of the phone turns on flashlight. It's the best replacement for chop chop that I've found.

  25. This is what I use and it's decent. On release software it would not work after a day or two but on the latest update it's been flawless for me.

  26. whats heelwani got against jamahal

  27. I'm a huge Ariel fan but recently he gets slightly too aggressive towards fighters. It's funny when it's someone he's super close with, but at times it seems forced and awkward

  28. Anybody see season 2 of White Lotus? Lady on yacht tries to escape a bunch of gay foreigners trying to kill her and ends up jumping overboard.

  29. Didn't know that show was based off McGregor's weekend benders. I'll have to check it out

  30. "Pixel cult" doesn't care about clock speeds. We care about the device taking the best photos of any smartphone available in our region. The phone works, works well, takes amazing photos and does what we ask it to do. You don't have to constantly let pixel ruin your sleep about tech specs

  31. And Pixel UI more than makes up for the weaker chip. I've compared my Pixel 7 to other top Android flagships and the Pixel is noticeably smoother with nicer animations.

  32. If this is some super basic gym like planet fitness I wouldn't have a huge problem with it. Any other gym where people who are super into fitness I disagree. Progress pics, form videos etc are all super helpful on your fitness journey. Of course, as long as it's not excessive or getting in the way of other gym-goers

  33. Here's a solution make the phones plastic best of both worlds. Less likely to break and the phone can be pretty.

  34. I have a love hate relationship with plastic. More durable, but no plastic phone I've ever held feels as nice as a glass or metal phone imo

  35. How do you feel your phone through a case? Or are you saying you don't use cases, because, um, you enjoy feeling your phone so much?

  36. Yeah rarely use cases, although I got a leather case now that is so nice that's what is on my phone now

  37. Yea... This is what happened to my pixel 2, instructions were not clear in warning you to not get it into the speakers( of course they want to make it seem super easy and safe)...

  38. I've had a plastic flimsy protector on my 7 pro since release no problem. It's not an issue at all. The curve is hardly noticeable (compared to other curved screens)

  39. It’s not a “leg room seat”, it just has an empty spot because… it’s where the exit door is. It’s not even OP’s row to complain.

  40. Not only that, there seems to be plenty of leg room despite her items being there. Im 6'2 and recently took a flight in one of the seats and had much more leg room than I needed.

  41. I bought the darker blue one on release day and it's held up great so far.

  42. Can hardly think of a CB who doesn't have a mistake in them, especially in a system that plays out of the back. But whenever he makes a mistake he makes up for it by putting in a MOTM performance. An absolute rock at the back

  43. He also essentially marks the opposing teams best player all the way into midfield. He has to jump out of position so much it’s inevitable mistakes will come. But he’s just so good at locking up strikers it’s nuts. And most of the time when he does mess up, saliba is there to sweep it up or partey can cover for him. Perfect player for that system imo

  44. Yup. As a matter of fact both him and Saliba are quick to intercept balls on the transition. Big risk but also big reward.

  45. Fuck it give Zinnys wife a medal too if we win the Prem

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