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  1. If you’re just looking for info then yeah, just look up type charts or whatever, but if you’re genuinely wanting to get into the games I’d probably recommend starting with Let’s Go Eevee or Let’s Go Pikachu, then branch out to other switch games from there. Scarlet/Violet in particular has an entire Pokémon academy where you can take classes and learn about Pokémon. I found myself skipping most of them since I’ve been playing Pokémon forever, but I can see the classes being super helpful for new players.

  2. A real sign of weakness is when a dude can't stop trying to advertise his alpha status. That is such small dog energy.

  3. For unclogging, the best method is to create suction, then stick it to your lip (which will maintain the vacuum), and hold it there until it pops clear

  4. Faded Than A Ho'🖖 Faded Than A Ho'🖖 Faded Than A Ho'🖖 Faded Than A Ho'🖖 Faded Than A Ho'🖖 📷✨

  5. Does the lid have any type of seal or gasket? Or just much tighter gaps between the tub and lid compared to a more traditional style storage tub?

  6. A lot tighter than a shoebox or a tote. It's like 2 lips of plastic that seal together

  7. well first of all, stop buying cake products. they have 0 lab tests and are constantly being re branded and just alot of sketchy shit with that company. but if it has a mouth piece you can just unscrew it. if its entirely out of glass then it may be a bottom fill design

  8. The headlights aren’t in a proper pressure area for actually venting. This was mapped by singular motor sports I believe, at some point.

  9. yes, the only functional headlight ducts were 3d printed to funnel air directly to the intake, but honestly its not worth it for the .5 hp you theoretically get

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