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  1. Okay lemme rephrase that, I’m not someone who looks for confrontation ever and trust me it’s not by lack of trying from some drunk asshole or another in your average club setting I dj at some event or venue almost every weekend. Also I live in Houston Texas for past 10+ yrs and Canadian or not all humans as a collective are primal creatures and alcohol tends to block those lil “reasoning” receptors and those primal I’ll fuck you up if you cause problems for me or anything or anyone that’s with me which most of the time is my fiancé and my sister. But I try to learn from every situation which is why I haven’t drank alcohol or any hard drugs other than psilocybin mdma in small amount 1 or 2x a year and a shit ton of weed! I spin house music and try to spread positivity and light as much as I can but men are men and our species are still very young and ignorant in qlot of ways it’s just a fact also I served in the 101s Airborne 2 tours and got to train krav maga with the man who invented it Imi Lichtenfeld’s daughter so really people should be more aware of others and that they aren’t the center of the universe and fuck someone like myself vibe up! “Make love not war but, if war is inevitable make sure you know how to end it swiftly as possible”

  2. I see your point. There are always those egocentric assholes trying to ruin someone's day.

  3. Yeah it’s not hard to be a decent person to others like idc if your homeless person or the president I’m treat you with equal amount of respect when I talk to either one cause nobody is better than anyone else and no I don’t mean like pedos or rapists to just do that’s clear lol. But yeah you get the point I hope lol

  4. By far the sickest paint scheme I’ve seen on a grom so far! Is it painted or a sticker graphics package?

  5. Well that’s not good lemme fix ya up with a healthy plate of thick young cock for dinner baby :p

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