1. That talk about banks and trading like them scares the shit out of me and is worrying for the future of your husband's Forex adventure. It's a big red flag. He's probably not in good hands. Every salesman says his product is different and special.

  2. Wow, no. I'm not even convinced it is a good game at this point. Still fairly new (unlocked all characters I think, and just the river card still locked) but:

  3. 10 gold is the cap unless you are Gally. They just upped tavern 5 to 11 gold recently, to intentionally slow down power leveling

  4. «...وَ زَوِّجْنِی مِنَ الْحُورِ الْعِینِ بِفَضْلِکَ وَ أَلْحِقْنِی بِأَوْلِیَائِکَ الصَّالِحِینَ»

  5. None. Make Maexnaa Battlecry:Gain Poisonous. Why is this not in your options ?

  6. Maybe ditch kangor and harvest Golem. Buy macaw and two snakes. Reborn dong and macaw. Move buster to right and the bird left.

  7. I enjoy playing sneed without using hero power. Just level to tavern 2 and try to find some key deathrattle for an endgame comp like the bomb or the spawn on n’zoth. With your buddy and especially with brann and baron you can do crazy things

  8. What's that pyramid buddy doing there ? NUOROUZOUNDUO ?

  9. It's hard to say because I just peaked at my highest MMR to date which is 7.6k.

  10. You can play him in AFKay tier 3 menagerie. It’s not amazing but it’s okay.

  11. Ohhh yeah the buddy interaction so cool

  12. Pretty fast is an understatement to endgame Rogue. You can easily reach 2000% attack speed, with 350+% attack speed even when tired. At such speed, blood lightning trait stopped working properly that you'd need to slow battle speed to slowest to make it function properly, and even then it still won't function properly though still better than at normal speed.

  13. How to reach that attack speed when tired ?

  14. To me, the story of Arthas ended with him sitting on the Frozen Throne.

  15. This is what I always tell my WOW friends

  16. I will instantly destroy it given the power

  17. Is this a website ? What is this ?

  18. the same as deck tracker but you cam also see the history of all the games you played while the extension was open,run simulations to see if you could have positioned better and many many things #ad

  19. They should have put Charge or into battlegrounds and have it mean that those minions will attack immediately regardless of position. Then Illidan’s hero power, the pirate from scallywag, and Onyxia’s whelps could just be keyworded and it would open up more design space.

  20. Won't the elemental deathrattle dudes mess up with reborning the poison ?

  21. Yes!! I like the pink blossom background but I’ll never spend the real money, my gold just keeps racking up since I grind battlegrounds

  22. How do you gain gold playing BGs ? 10 gold per 3 wins ? I've noticed the quests no longer give gold. They give me some usless brown papers. Sorry it's been some time since I last played this game.

  23. When there is one of a hero on each team. For example this match had two tracers, me and 25k Tracer.

  24. I've never seen one and I've played for 4 years

  25. Krip may be a fun player, but he is quite bad at bg. What made me quit his streams was the buddy invitational where he didn’t give a f*ck about what his partner was saying and forcing his own (bad) play style

  26. So I play another card game called Onmyoji the card game and it’s totally different from the other card games I play. However, they have a BG-similar vs 8 mode “hyubukan chess.” It’s a tiny bit trickier to learn but so much fun, I played it when bg became unfun a while back. If you’re looking to fill the gap until you come back, it’s cool

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