1. We initially removed a ton of threads as the situation was evolving and chose one to put back up for general discussion. See the pinned comment here:

  2. I only ping that mod since they are the one I'm familiar with. The rest of your explanation is satisfactory. Thanks for your time.

  3. All good and sorry for mishandling this situation.

  4. Don't apologize to people for a service you do for free.keep your head up ✊

  5. Your comment was posted 3 times, so I removed the other two.

  6. That sounds good and all, but how are you going to fit Brax in?

  7. turn down the volume then... or watch a watch party that have the casters turned down.

  8. ? i just made a suggestion to fix the issue you had with the broadcast. You're very much entitled to your opinion i am just giving mine.

  9. "don't like, don't watch" was essentially your comment and now you turn around and act like that is reasonable discourse in a discussion. I stated my opinion, you said some idiotic stuff that doesn't make any sense.

  10. Lololol jonji leaves a top 5 na cs team to join an academy team for an already tier 3 main team

  11. Isn't Envy pretty much non-existent in the social media area as well? Like they don't even try to market their players/team at all

  12. It's not that they don't try, they are just shit at it. Envy has always sucked at marketing the content they make. The eSports content itself is usually well produced with good production value. They can never translate it to viewership.

  13. it sure as shit doesn't help that hastr0 is out of his fucking mind on twitter most of the time

  14. hastr0's online presence is a non factor in how well Envy content does. They just don't make smart decisions when it comes to gaining hardcore fans of the brand itself rather than the team's they have. The streamers that they employ (Botez Sisters, Minx) have casual fans that don't really care about the content Envy does with them on the company's socials.

  15. Acend doesn't have insane money so if 100t offer the gigabag they can get him. Acend declined G2 offer apparently, despite G2 not getting him I still think he's always up for sale for the right price.

  16. I'd struggle to maintain focus if my girlfriend was having a bit of a meltdown back at home

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