1. I know it’s not the main point of your post, but it sounds like you’re talking about liberal feminism. Radical feminism tends to be against hookup culture and how its high risk no/low reward. If you believe in equal rights but not screwing around I suggest looking into radical feminism, you might find what you’re looking for there.

  2. The flakiness happens a lot with cheaper mascaras, you’ll find it happens less even with mid-tier mascaras

  3. As soon as a someone says ‘is it because I’m [race/religion/etc]’ run the other way. They’ll be threatening you that way the whole relationship. It happened to my friend, she dumped him for cheating but he told everyone it’s because she’s racist. Look at the other comments and how quickly they sided with him. This is a flaming red flag that isn’t talked about enough.

  4. Looks like he fucked around and found out. Good for her for dumping him

  5. I have no sympathy for dudes who rate women out of 10 then sulk about being ugly/short/single. If you judge people based on appearance don’t cry when you get a taste of your own medicine lol

  6. 4. I see myself in Paige, hope one day to have the grace of Patty and Chris is one of the hottest men I have ever seen in my life aside from Jared Leto in his y2k emo phase before he did his new age Jesus thing

  7. Does the girl in the video know he is spreading porn of her around? Also if she is 14-16, depending on where you are that could be child pornography which is illegal. If she doesn’t know, that is really cruel to her and you might want to tip if a trusted adult or law enforcement

  8. If i’m being honest, the video was like 2 years old by the time he sent it to me. I personally don’t even know the girl. And tbh, I don’t even think she knew or realised she was being recorded!! I’d hate to be in her position :(

  9. That is horrifying. That tells you everything you need to know about this boys character. If he secretly records one girl how do you know he won’t secretly record you

  10. Why are there so many guys like this? They’re acting like women are looking for men with money, to give them more of their own money and sleep with them for free lol. Your money means nothing if you’re not spending it on her lol, just go get a sugar baby.

  11. I don’t look it anymore, just love the music and culture and am SO NOSTALGIC for it. Now I’m just very mildly alt

  12. I feel like Blair is so iconic that she stole the show and is the main character. Serena was more relatable but her character isn’t as original. No shade, I love them both for different reasons.

  13. She’s smart, this is the way. Put the ball in their court and see what they do. They will either

  14. So they’re saying men are only going for a small portion of the population, women 18-30 and the rest of us will be desperate and lonely. But wait, weren’t they just saying that it was women who only go for the top 20% of men and that there’s male loneliness crisis and how hard it is for men to find a partner? These guys can’t even keep their narrative straight for 5 minutes

  15. I was on the fence, right on 50/50. But this latest surge of hate movements against women have nudged me over into “nah” territory. Might change my mind and adopt later but for now no.

  16. It's very, very difficult to tell when men are being nice to you, just because or because they want to fuck you...

  17. This is genius, why didn’t I think of this before! Thank you

  18. It is possible to have platonic male friends, I’ve got a few, but unfortunately it is true a lot of guys are like that. When I got a boyfriend a bunch of my male friends dropped off, and then they continued dropping off until my friends are mainly women now. But that’s not to say that you shouldn’t have male friends since I enjoyed the time I knew them, just understand that friendships with women are more likely to continue once you get a long term boyfriend or marry.

  19. No, it is so easy to get single men why would I? I’d play along like I was considering it to get proof of cheating intentions, then ask for a monthly retainer to keep my silence lol

  20. Dorota fawning over Blair. Your employer (/employers child) treating you like shit and not being able to do anything other than take it or risk losing your livelihood would have been grim enough. But the way Dorota ate it up with doe eyes was just so sad cringe.

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