1. during this part i was like “why are there so many?!?! i thought there were only FOUR?!?

  2. Dude I swear there were like 5 in the og game why are there so many more

  3. Vertical because it looks cooler, I don’t have much of a problem anyways since I go more for the shoulders/hips

  4. Finally saw it with the wider release and I can’t get over the fucking ending. This kid’s only 4 years old, and is very possibly sentenced to eternal torture from this entity. Constantly reliving his own brutal death. It’s shit out of the worst nightmares.

  5. Except Hammond tells Isaac to hurry or speed up constantly. I know things are dire but are YOU out here fixing everything and fighting hoards of necro?

  6. Exactly, he’s fought like I think 3 by the time Isaac has efficiently killed dozens, restored the ads, and stopped the ship from crashing and killing everyone.

  7. Imagine an annoying fly, now imagine that fly following you and he can regenerate limbs and follow you room to room. Buzzing away in your ear and you cant make it stop. Kinda like that

  8. Don’t forget that this fly is trying to kill you

  9. I have no idea, that's why I was confused. Did we watch the same scene? I watched it on Peacock and the picture she sent to the FBI, CIA, and Oprah appeared to be a gold statue of a woman praying or something.

  10. The statue was behind the laptop and they obviously wouldn’t show what’s actually on the screen

  11. Ok cool, I'll have to take another look because it looked like the statue was the evidence she was sending. Therefore I was under the impression that it was set up as some kind of plot twist that I didn't understand. Obviously I know they're not going to show CSAM on screen.

  12. Yeah going back and looking at the scene again you can see the top of the laptop at the bottom of the picture for a sec before the camera moves.

  13. As an Arc Titan, is pulse grenade better than storm for the HOIL build? Also, do you guys have a recommended loadout for that playstyle? I’m currently rocking Witherhoard, Calus Mini Tool and Stormchaser. Haven’t played since season of the Haunted.

  14. I prefer storm grenade since it has better coverage

  15. Stopping Kingpin’s supercollider with one hand in ITSV was pretty damn impressive

  16. I have, the build saved my ass multiple times

  17. He’s decrypting it from an engram obviously

  18. I’m at 5692 so far, I gotta get those numbers up

  19. Looking at the stack, i can see why they're in the clearance bin. Ain't nobody want that shit.

  20. Bro evil dead, django, ghost in the shell(assuming it’s the og), sicario, first blood, jigsaw, and reservoir dogs?

  21. Location: northern Utah Price range: roughly a budget of 5k Lease of buy: buy New or used: used Type of vehicle: sedan or suv Must haves: awd & plenty of trunk space Desired transmission: auto Intended use: daily driver Vehicles you’ve already considered: subaru impreza This is my first vehicle, warranty isn’t necessary I can do minor work but not major

  22. Creep is an amazing film that I don’t see mentioned much

  23. 4K transfer looks really great, especially during more intense scenes. Highly recommend watching with headphones too

  24. Is your clear plasiyslip cover really loose on your copy too?? I just got mine today and there's a ton of space between the steelbook and slipcover that it hardly even stays on it.

  25. Yeah mine’s really loose too, minor annoyance though

  26. I played on launch and didn’t know this wtf

  27. I think moonshine missions and deliveries are significantly easier: all the hunting required to get you something to deliver vs hanging out in your bar, drinking ‘shine while playing with the band, getting drunk and slapping each other is loads of laffs!

  28. It’s really not that much hunting though, no more than like 10 minutes in the great plains can get you enough to at least get close to a full delivery

  29. For a red theme i’d do the red accents on the holsters, red spurs or boots, a red vest, and make the hat red. Could also throw on a jacket too if you wanted a bit more color.

  30. So far my method has been to get challenges done every day with the coyote jack guide and do any treasure maps I get along the way.

  31. Available on blu-ray on the 31st but unfortunately it’s a barebones blu-ray-only release, no 4K or bonus features

  32. Couldn’t find on psn so sent a social club request

  33. Hi, sorry if its a dumb question, whats PSN? I love being around blackwater and wanna get more into hunting, Im also got the bounty hunter role, so your guild sounds very interesting to join! Im also 21 and only been playing for a month or so

  34. Damn yeah it’s for playstation

  35. PS4 - Blackwater Hunter’s Guild is recruiting

  36. I’m using the chestnut arabian til I can buy the other two

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