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  1. I’ve absolutely had inconsistencies in how Superstonk is displayed. If I look just at Superstonk and search by new, I’ll miss out on some posts. The only reason I know this is because when i view my personal feed and search by new, there are posts for Superstonk I didn’t see before.

  2. I sincerely hate how everyone is just running with a connection with Fortnite. As of now, there is no evidence of a connection between them and GameStop.

  3. Ryan Cohen is making GameStop profitable. Of course shareholders are part of the company too. It all helps. My point was the post was relevant to this subreddit

  4. I’m high rn but doesn’t this make DRS GameStop holders look like a MUCH smaller group than it actually is?

  5. 200,000 people vs what 7,000,000,000 people on earth. That is what like 0.003% of the population.

  6. The visual is about the sub only. That’s what bothered me. Again I was high

  7. Those were never the real numbers. We only went up every single time. ONLY UP.

  8. This is the only "TA" I need. Profitable company has stock value fall. How the fuck does that fucking happen. Anyone care to explain to me how a company is doing better on paper with concrete evidence and the stock price falls? Fuck all the other data everywhere else. Someone tell me how this fucking works.

  9. We’ll just have to see what happens after 2 profitable quarters I guess 🤷‍♂️

  10. I did just now. I’m a bit too high to fully understand but is it basically epic saying you’ll own your shit?

  11. Yep - putting it in their EULA. It’s great seeing big companies begin to release their ownership over other creative individuals work. Ownership will remain with the creator

  12. I’ll forever temper my expectations. There isn’t actually a solid connection between epic and GameStop is there?

  13. What if they dont really care about the investors and have realized that these vague DRS numbers have a positive impact on their sales?

  14. I respectfully, wholeheartedly, with every fiber of my being down to the atoms, disagree with your take

  15. RC isn’t going to shoot his last shot unless they drop it to like $10 or so imo

  16. Yes but I don’t think we will see that. I suspect we are seeing a share buy back now that we are profitable with a positive eps. I suspect that once this is complete we will see a spike in price to bring us higher

  17. No way in hell GameStop would spend that money this way

  18. Technically a robot with all the knowledge on Earth comes up with these. Like an encyclopedia and creates memes with facts, but turns into facts?

  19. AI has as much credence as people get it right now

  20. Would this just flood your wallet with potentially 100s or thousands “shareholder meeting” NFTs for some?

  21. nah because the wallet would only show X (unique) nfts and each would show a number of how many you own.... do you not have a gamestop wallet?

  22. I do. I don’t own multiple of the same NFT however. For me, I would bother me to have hundreds of a singular NFT

  23. If you need ear buds you can find them there I’m sure. Just a thought. Or a new pc monitor? There are tons of great buys for you at GameStop!

  24. Nothing official. Let’s temper those expectations

  25. And we are red. Shorts and marketmakers dont care one iota about profitability. They dont care how obvious they are about the crime. So now what?

  26. Profitability takes away from their propaganda narrative more and more. A profitable company is more enticing to new investors. Shorts will lose. Shills will go to prison

  27. They are right now still printing fud propaganda. The wsj just printed a trash article.

  28. Yes but with consecutive profitable quarters people will be able to see through the bullshit more and more

  29. They are the continuation of the first set, but sold in the same page

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