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  1. As long as they aren’t bored or not getting enough walking time they are usually good. My dog stays out of the kennel all day without issue. You have two sweet looking dogs!

  2. Yeah. I find the idea it's needed as standard just so odd!

  3. Yoga! Yoga, computer games, board games, walks, art and dogs :)

  4. People of Somerset, why the fuck do you keep voting for this abhorrent, gaslighting moron?

  5. I'm originally from there and I can't fathom it.

  6. I am embarrassed that I've had a fancy for the marmite one for a while...

  7. I innocently asked whether it was possible to like the works and dislike the artist. That went quite badly…

  8. I find this interesting. I've had a mostly positive feeling about HP in the past (I've had issues with the body skating shamingy vibe for ages but would have called myself a fan). After she went down the TERFy path, I can't enjoy HP any more, which I KNOW isn't rational, and I'm sad about, but I'm stuck there.

  9. Just a typical twitter witch hunt because she has a difference in opinion to some. I haven't heard her say one hateful thing.

  10. I was once advised to rub a bit of fertiliser over the new bricks.

  11. "Sounds too good to be true...?" is the only thing I've ever seen give anyone pause.

  12. We do have the choice to step entirely out of the system.

  13. I've already seen friends go back to their birth countries. I see that as a kind of brain drain, so yes :/

  14. This is my best boy with his favorite toy.

  15. Be careful what you wish for! When we had insurance included in equality legislation all that happened was women's insurance premiums went up.

  16. It's vital for immune system development that you get comforted when you cry as an infant! It's literally how we are supposed to develop.

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