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  1. Nice dick, also you have really pretty fingernails

  2. The only one I have saved in my files

  3. Then comes the living hell of them not contacting you and the soul crushing emptiness of experiencing a form of human contact you've been starved of for so long just to have it ripped away. fml, this is fucking torture

  4. Yes. I went through the whole returning process (including having to pay to return the phone). They sent it back and did not give me my refund. When I informed them of this they said it was past the deadline to return it. It's $300 I'm never going to see again. I recommend everyone steer clear of this company.

  5. the number of downvotes. About 80 people disagreed with him. Over the fact that jacking off to cartoon children is still pedophilia.

  6. It's not pedophilia if you read/watch through the child's perspective.

  7. People can't help the way they feel. If someone is Having dark and disturbing thoughts they need treatment, not punishment.

  8. I love fit men so I naturally am sexually attracted to muscular men. What I would love to see is yaoi where the conventional hot guy is the bottom and the twink/chubby/average/androgynous guy is the top. As a girl that's a top, it bugs me that the more "feminine" one always is the bottom.

  9. There's a manga called Nipple Bingo that has this dynamic.

  10. You can always commission an artist. Money really is the best incentive for artists to create more of what you are looking for.

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