1. Bro the MPM dont even finish the thing they try to start lol. I piss about other stuff more than the story of this.

  2. yes but it dont save it form how bad it is as Ash last chapter. Imagine commit to return all the pokemon but in the end have more than 10 haven't apper in the story ( and that Oak lab mon lol)

  3. As someone who doesn't really care that much, is the Charizard hate really that bad?

  4. it because specail treatmeant both Pikachu and Charlirad have. Like 2 mega form in gen 6, frist appear Kanto starter apper in SwSh (while also being champion ace pokemon) and SV and apear in many pokemon season ( with it go with how good the game treat them to bo so normal it will got that good treatment in anime)

  5. I dont know. May be if they did't spam Pokemon return or write some stupid about compaion return back to back in MPM that build up people hope to see they favorite mon and character? ( which fucking funny since we still have like more than 10 Ash mon that havent apper in MPM lol) . Well I also dont know why people so obsess with legend mon lol but other thing like Ash meet his friend it something that they should do in his final fucking series?

  6. well they dont fill all the charater and pokemon lol

  7. The curse thing they don't even return all the pokemon lol while already limit Ash friend travel too two...

  8. Well it not that matter. It dont change that MPM it disappointed end for Ash.

  9. I wish I could drop even 1 of those instead of only rolling the relics I already have :(

  10. So they admit that MPM 8 just to buy time... ..

  11. Watch them rotate Ezreal out just to print Zeri as a much better Ezreal (maybe without elusive)

  12. The Fandom sees the aces as almost unbeatable pokemon if they loose to a random Mr.Rime everyone would be mad.

  13. Well if the studio show how strong the MrRime are then nobody will complain but oh wait they make a fucking Slide show in the Leon Semi final of the anime

  14. The recaps? They where low on animators I think and the were working on the last part of the fight.

  15. Even with that i hope they show some other Leon team but no. Somebody got Rillaboom sweep

  16. Mean while Ash oneshot every team rocket member he meet: Where the two people that I need to blast away

  17. No, man, you don't criticize too much. Let me tell a terrible truth. Journeys shouldn't have been Ash's last season. OLM commented that this came as a surprise for them as well. They have never planned for a final arch for Ash. What we see now are episodes-abominations, put together out of fillers and any other accessible material the studio has on their hands.

  18. Where you have they said that they dont plan for this

  19. It was actually posted in this sub too, I believe. An interview with OLM was made public by some news outlet. I'll try to find the original source

  20. Burh people really think a MF it weak ? Like just they Master Passive are enough for a decent unit. Just because they not as Broken as 2 rat don't mean they weak lol

  21. Leblanh she work with most of relic so you dont worrry about whta you have.

  22. i think both on epic it eough. The change they Drop will be lower everytime you have new item or power

  23. I get that folks like doing overpowered, cool stuff in Path - it's wildly fun. I agree with you though that the current version of Guardian Angel trivializes too many other options. Relics are supposed to be meaningful choices for a variety of champions, with different champions working better with different relic combinations. If any one relic combination is ideal on a large number of champions, that's a problem; because it makes it much harder to release exciting new relics. While people might say that you can always ignore a more powerful option, many players don't get excited about new stuff that's much much much weaker than old stuff they already have.

  24. I think Gate being more problem ( on a fun side) than Guardian Angel. Guardian Angle also make other relic more fun to use. I like geting my Guardian Orb or Hydra effect 4 time or even more with Guardian Angle and dont want to lose it just because too many people like doing direct damage with Gate Breaker x Guardian Angle.

  25. She kinda better at lv 3 with Karma effect but yes she kinda borring with out it.

  26. I am yet to play an adventure that played exactly like the last one before it. Why do you think is boring?

  27. Well it will be fun it you have 99 diferent way to cook the AI. look at Leblanc you can do multy stuff with her that not only gate breaker that everyone run on her. 3 Gurdian Orb to make you deck OP as Fuck, check. 3 Hydra to kill every shit on broad, check, 3 EverForst to cosplay Malphite, check... and many bullshit stuff since her power scale so well with summon eff and Attack, rally effect. Nami on other hand just play spell and she dont support OP spell that good like Varus power. On top of her win cond are Elusive that not many people like

  28. She also a solo single, i dont how famous she are in Japan but voice a character that have change to stay famos next 25 year might be really big for her.

  29. Well Liko mean bud in Hawai but i also a male name...

  30. Yeah, the move from 5 to 8 (rare relic = Counterplan) is quite massive.

  31. Well i have all strike in the world so i heal back to full Hp. I also ma some mistake that make me lost one life steal unit early on. Still even with that i think i can find some invoke and hope for life steal form it.

  32. It my attack turn and i have the 4 mana strke spell form Noxus with 50% give me extra copy. I keep stall the game unit dawn Nami and win with full hp

  33. Namis two star power is so garbage there should be definitely more.

  34. To be fair he 1 and 3 star are quite good. Like if you got 0 spell gen power. Basic you got a free spell for it while the 3 star gain you a free Karma eff every 4 shit that work on op high cost spell. ( Varus still kinda better but well.)

  35. I would understand draw 2 spells since it's a one time effect and I would be happy with that but only 1 spell?

  36. Yub 2 spell might be better. Or have some cost reduce

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