1. Yes and having them removed isn't always the best option.

  2. I made a mix of Bonides Systemic and water and soaked the entire base in it for 15-20 minutes. Worked wonders and have not had any problems since. Worked for scale too.....

  3. That sounds way more efficient than my daily ritual of q tipping the little buggers!

  4. It worked wonders. If you're able to find the Bonide.

  5. Painfully single for over 16 ship lost it's oars I guess

  6. If you took this photo yourself, you're a master! Beautiful shot of a beautiful guy.

  7. Finger covered in either a baggie or plastic wrap

  8. I get absolutely nothing from receiving a blowjob....but LOVE my ass eaten

  9. Don't listen to people who insist flowering means your plant is unhappy or stressed. They flower for many reasons, and it's often just seasonal. If your plant seems happy just enjoy the flowers

  10. Mine flowers every winter, they seem to flower from cold exposure, like the Christmas cactus do.

  11. The “brand” doesn’t matter. Anyone can, and does, slap labels on shit purporting to be well-known brands. The labels Jungle Juice, Rush, etc. are meaningless. The only thing that matters is the manufacturer. Find a manufacturer you like and enjoy, regardless of “brand”, and stick with it.

  12. Milwaukee Eastside here...I LOVE to suck dick

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