1. The TTC reinforces my personal belief that cultivating situational awareness and threat analysis in any future offspring is a must-have parenting practice; there should be no sleeping on the TTC...

  2. Guess the Holy Father WOULD get to make Dad Jokes...

  3. OMG that face is perfect leopard food-face. She should the the LAMF mascot.

  4. Know your Nightmare! Hexophthalma, a six eyed sand spider

  5. What was life expectancy back then? Are these guys comparably elders (i.e. same proportionate age)?

  6. If we could just stay out of the way of science, we would be light years ahead of where we are today. Ugh

  7. I would love love love to build my next campaign on this setting. Is it available??

  8. Trump is definitely Chaotic Evil, doesnt care about no laws...

  9. Chaotic evil: "A chaotic evil character tends to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but their own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. They set a high value on personal freedom, but do not have much regard for the lives or freedom of other people." CE more than NE imo.

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