Polish premier calls urgent meeting of national security committee

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Comedian Kathy Griffin suspended from Twitter after mocking CEO Elon Musk

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  1. Sunny Beach sau cum s-o chema. E plin de englezi acolo.


  3. Can't wait to be reported for playing comp as a tank before I unlock him.

  4. Gaming chairs are a waste of money in my opinion. A decent office chair should have a rating for the number of hours it should be in use by one person over the course of a day, like 8, 12 or 24. It should also specify a max height for the person using it as well as the max weight the person should have.

  5. Incearca asa ceva, Multicooker cu gatire sub presiune

  6. Checked out Male, one of their islands, on Street view and

  7. Cere-i sa iti arate un document cu castigurile pe ultimele 6-12 luni a celorlalti membri Amway din cercul/grupul lui

  8. The only right thing to do is let the evokers keep the mounts and increase the drop rate

  9. So the rest of players still have to grind for it while Evokers just get one of the rarest mounts for free ?

  10. Russia will respond by saying if that happens it will be an act of war. NATO will follow through, and Russia will not do anything to counter out of fear of NATO.

  11. Wow. This dumpster fire is going to keep Reddit warm throughout the winter season. Thanks, Musk!

  12. Just wait until FTC gets involved, they apparently have a consent order and they need among a million things to ensure user's data and safety is handled appropriately. People were apparently impersonating Customer Service accounts and were asking customers to send them all sorts of info.

  13. You can craft 1 mount solo farming the motherload in 2 runs?

  14. I'm more curious about the Clothes section.

  15. I have ton of questions... Like... how strong everyone is. What moira did and can do. Is there more reapers or reaper kinda things. Is there crusaders left? Is mercy bad or "good" . Why they wont just emp bomb whole planet to shutdown every robot till they fix whats "wrong" etc... Too lazy to write everything on this

  16. Pretty sure reaper reloading in wraith form was an intentional addition to buff him at a time he was pretty weak. Junkrats on the other hand seems unnecessary and I would guess its unintentional


  18. You can get healing by just filling the tank that’s feeding the enemies ult for the whole match.

  19. Just wait until they release the PvE version ... I bet its going to be 70-80 USD

  20. Lot of brain dead responses here. I think having a solo/duo que would bring a lot more players to this game. I’d love to be able to play a bg and get a rating to get better gear with.

  21. They should have a crazy amount of data from random bgs to know what wouldn't work and then they could inpose a role queue like 2 tanks, 2 healers and rest dps with no more than 2 identical specs or 3 identical classes. Then apply the same penalties for leavers as in Solo shuffle.

  22. RIP to the person that recently purchased a Feldrake card on eBay for nearly £1500

  23. eBay fortunately (or unfortunately if sometinws you're the seller) will side with the buyer 99% of all returns. Its why theres so many scams there that involve products that end up shipped in a poor state and buyers asking for fake refunds.

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