Morocco defeats Portugal to qualify for the semi-final of the World Cup

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  1. If you have data outside of a casual work center poll PLEASE share it. The expected February 2023 mass exodus is about 20 5Cs, then about 8ish every month for the rest of the FY. Of those we expect to retain a good amount (hard to forecast).

  2. Sir, just based off your projected exodus numbers, I'm wondering if there is additional data on the type of person that leaves or stays. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that those with great technical skills, certs, and a bachelor's will be more likely to leave while those that didn't invest in themselves will do the full 20 because they have less options availale to them on the outside.

  3. If you're set on getting an APS-C camera, it'd be kind of insane to get anything but Fuji imo.

  4. Oh really? Is this because they focus purely on apsc?

  5. Sorry for the late reply, but yes. Fuji has a matured APSC ecosystem and they went all into APSC (and medium format to an extent). Sony's space is full frame. If you insist on APSC, I also hear good things about the Rico Gr III.

  6. I've heard the 18-55 looks especially soft on the X-T5 and can't resolve to the 40mp sensor. I'd definitely watch some YouTube videos to see if the lense is "good enough" for your use case.

  7. Meta data suggest the 16-55mm (at 47mm).

  8. Oh on manual for sure. I used to try not to get as low ISO as possible. My thought process was the exposure looks good enough and if I don't have 3200 ISO or higher it's fine (which I guess you could argue is ok on modern cameras).

  9. Use the 50mm FF equivalent so you can shoot at the same focal length as Henri Cartier-Bresson and act pretentious

  10. I do have a question though, isnt it a big no no to have the subject of a portrait slap in the middle?

  11. The subject is on the left and on the right though

  12. Oh interesting. So they have some sort of internal color processing/grading that should give you an "edited" photo right off the bat?

  13. Fujifilm's roots are in analog film, and a huge part (for some people) of the Fuji systems are their "film simulations" which aim to capture the look and feel of not only their film stocks like Velvia. Superia, Acros, etc., but film stocks of other companies too, like Kodak's now discontinued Kodachrome. All their cameras have these simulations, but occasionally a new camera comes out with a new film simulation that isn't available to older cameras. These simulations can also be edited and shared and there's a community of people that share these "film recipes" to get a certain look. So Fuji has this vintage draw due to their film simulations, but their photography focused cameras also have that analog feel because they have all these knobs and dials for the exposure triangle, and some cameras also just have an optical viewfinder to make the experience even more analog. The X-Pro3 for example even lets you flip the screen towards the camera so it really feels like an analog camera.

  14. That's fair. I'm assuming FUJI still saves the RAW files too, or does it only save the processed image?

  15. Yes you can choose if you want just raw, jpeg, or raw+jpeg. You can also apply different film simulations to a photo in camera, but the process is a bit clunky imo.

  16. does the x-t series still come with that leather casing? or did you buy it somewhere?

  17. I bought it from Etsy. Kind of expensive and took forever to arrive, but it's very good quality.

  18. Interesting. Where did you get the hood from?

  19. I bought it from Adorama. It's officially compatible for the 23mm and 33mm lenses, but it says 23mm on it. I have that pointed to the ground and "FujiFilm" pointed to the top.

  20. Bought a silver X-T5 because I like the retro look. Black cameras all look the same to me, boring. The true GOAT color graphite though, but the X-T5 isn't available in that color.

  21. My tip is that you should go out and shoot a lot


  23. Very interesting, this is what I was looking for. It seems like 26 and 40 mp sensors have pretty similar breakpoints so you won't notice diffraction at the lenses sharpest settings.

  24. I don't know why this is happening but this lens is not the best fully open. It's not even at it's sharpest until f4. You'd have to go at least f2.8 to fully fix that light problem.

  25. Things I like: The colors and how the background is blurry. It looks kind of vintage and I like that look.

  26. Nice colors. Classic Chrome?

  27. Just got my new camera so I'm just messing around

  28. Oh awesome. I already pay out of pocket for a single bedroom apartment as a single E-4 to live in a place where I'll hopefully have a slightly less chance of being shot or robbed.

  29. If you already receive BAH you have rate protection so even if the rate goes down for you this year as compared to last year you keep the higher rate UNLESS

  30. Didn't know this, thank you.

  31. I remember when I was a kid and Turkey came in third in the 2002 World Cup. When the national team bus came to Istanbul, the country stopped. People stopped on the highways to get out of their cars to cheer on the players. Even if Morocco doesn't win another game at this point, they will be regarded as legends in their country. I hope either they or Croatia win though.

  32. Humanity, over thousands of years, has developed this really cool thing called complete sentences. And I know it may be hard for senior leadership stuck in their old ways to accept this, but complete sentences are a better way to present actual tangible information than bullets.

  33. Uh oh looks like we have to write a new one so there's no confusion

  34. I put my lunch receipts under windshield wipers so they think it's a ticket

  35. Why not? We're talking about people's physical appearance for a military uniform. That's all about criticizing physical appearances. Like the waist measurement and general grooming.

  36. Would you call out a woman for having hairy arms?

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