AITA for how I handled the pizza creep?

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

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*Lowers face into palm*

  1. I certainly wouldn't sue anyone about it, but I would be pretty confused to find out that a store with a big sign saying CASH ONLY doesn't take cash.

  2. edit: Expanded much further in the thread below on my original post.

  3. How is he "extremely hostile" to fossil fuels?

  4. Let’s not be too hasty: perhaps Republicans will call out this man for his behavior, and disavow his racist actions.

  5. You gotta go pretty far for even the fraternal order of police turning their back on you lol

  6. These packs of lone wolves are out of control

  7. Roadsmiths obviously. Your average blue toga worker. Who pulled himself up by his sandlestraps.

  8. He could afford blue dye?! Some rich kid, slumming it up with the real working class.

  9. Apparently they spell Napoleon 2.0’s name as “Poutine” in France, and my first thought was: “Don’t degrade that wonderful Canadian food!!”

  10. Was it sacrilegious because it was fancy, because it was from a chain, or some other reason I haven't picked up on? I am but a simple American, and I do not know the ways of poutine.

  11. Blair should apply. She's a real witch and could handle this... job.

  12. Ah but you see, she has pronouns so she is not a good fit.

  13. Not a pipe pistol, a pipe, the melee weapon

  14. Why would someone do this? Just go on the internet and tell lies?

  15. I know what poignant means. This song and poem go way beyond keen sadness and regret.

  16. Do you know what pedantic means?

  17. Sure do. But it’s not a correction. This song means more and evokes more feeling than just sadness. Just didn’t think poignant quite captured the turmoil of it. The song ruined her life due to the racism it invoked.

  18. The word poignant evokes more than "just sadness", that's why it's a different word.

  19. I'm going to cast doubt of him being Tony Stark.

  20. But don't you see, he's rude and mean to people! That means he's just like Tony Stark!

  21. None of their clothes are white though, it's all stained and mudstreaked

  22. I saw that you mentioned Ben Shapiro. In case some of you don't know, Ben Shapiro is a grifter and a hack. If you find anything he's said compelling, you should keep in mind he also says things like this:

  23. I can smell your excitement excrement.

  24. There's no Ethiopian restaurant here, and the first thing they always ask is whether you've eaten Ethiopian food before. Then they get really excited with a full lesson on the foods and how to eat them. It's great!

  25. Is the no supposed to say one? I'm confused.

  26. "I have a note here that just says 'China Beach' ..." 😂

  27. 🎵 Frozen mirror of my mind 🎵

  28. Looks basque now. I'd still shove it in my mouth.

  29. So what I think happened is that the mom: died when the kid was 8. The dad moved on really quick and maybe started dating that same year. The OOP met the dad when the kid was 11 married the dad when kid was 12 and now she's 13

  30. Thats close to making sense, but she also says they married within a year of meeting each other.

  31. Yeah the garlic bread was especially a weird complaint in my eyes. As far as I am aware that is a thing Italian restaurants provide for every customer, regardless of whether I'm in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK or the USA.

  32. I can't speak to anywhere but the US, but I would say that is not a thing at most pizza places here. Usually you would have to order garlic knots. Still an extremely weird complaint.

  33. 2 for 3. He makes YouTube bull shit and he has a glass of whiskey in practically all of them but he never drinks more than a couple mls of it. I assume he just thinks it looks manly, but finds the taste too yucky to actually be a drunk.

  34. What the hell kind of semen does this kid produce that it shines through the sheets and goes on the sides of the mattress ?

  35. In fact, it’s a rare condition called hypervirility. Apparently his sperm SHOOTS through the sheets like bullets! Huh, can you believe that?

  36. His dad needs to teach him a lesson on why you don't teach your kid lessons.

  37. OMG it's the "make my girlfriend pump her own gas" guy! Finally he's facing the consequences of his decisions.

  38. And that's why you don't "teach lessons".

  39. Sound like someone learned a lesson about not teaching lessons.

  40. While this COULD be viewed as someone who doesn't want representation in videogames it could also be viewed as someone who's frustrated that everyone's arguing over details of a character and not enjoying the actual gameplay. I like to think it's the latter

  41. Thats what I thought at first. Kind of hard to tell without knowing the sub.

  42. Oh no, oral sex is considered sodomy and the same groups want to make sodomy in any form illegal.

  43. Based on your username im guessing this problem is near and dear to your heart.

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