1. Oh no, I get that. However, the source of the video is CHIKARA (or their "Wrestling Is" branch in this case) themselves, and I won't give them views if I can help it.

  2. I don't think that giving a single view to a video on the YouTube account of a defunct company is going to embolden Mike Quackenbush to start abusing people again.

  3. You're getting downvoted, but I can certainly respect that position.

  4. Get the WWE Championship back on Raw and build a compelling main event feud around it. The fact that the three hour show doesn't have a world title is idiotic.

  5. I may only see Fast X (that sounds like a laxative) because my wife likes the franchise. I've seen each one, a little more begrudgingly as the franchise goes on.

  6. Is anyone actually excited for Avatar 2? I mean it's been 13 years since the first one. Sure it made a shit ton of money but it wasn't anything special as a movie. It was just a visual spectacle because of the 3D gimmick. I'm predicting a flop and they already have three more lined up after the second.

  7. The first Avatar made over two billion dollars outside of the United States and the sequel will undoubtedly more than make its budget back internationally, no matter how it performs in the United States. The "visual spectacle" aspect translates well across languages.

  8. When you have the last name "Sopp," there isn't much you can do. Joe Sopp. Steve Sopp. Dave Sopp. Frank Sopp. John Sopp. Bob Sopp. Monty doesn't sound worse than anything else and Kip actually kind of works by giving the last name a lighter-voweled lead in to avoid the typically downbeat and heavy "o" sound.

  9. Is it Sopp like stop or Sopp like soap? I'm leaning towards the former because of one O and two Ps.

  10. I would assume it's pronounced like the word "sop" (the "o" is pronounced the same way as "stop").

  11. Not when nobody gives a shit about those promotions outside of NJPW. Being the undisputed tag team champions of the biggest wrestling company in the world is the ultimate trump card. Now, had FTR been booked as they should have been, and been the AEW tag champs for say 6 months, then they should have won.

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