1. These arnt decolonised lmao just broken up

  2. If dudes nostrils were a little bit more south he'd look like pedro pascal

  3. I thought Gelato was just water and no milk?

  4. Maybe you're thinking of sorbet?

  5. Can guarantee sime sort of electeicity/fuel situation was sorted out cuz SA is about to collapse and there's a real possibility of the cape just dipping

  6. Will it change anything if we go in elections ? We got don't do much Trudeau or batshit insane conservateur. So better off with do nothing Trudeau than batshit insane polievre. Do we really gave a choice? The NPD most of Canada is too racist to elect them and the other parties are jokes.

  7. Tbh we need a conservative government for atleast a term to reverse some of the batshit insane liberal policies like the half a million immigrants a year programme

  8. I'm never not gonna call this world monkey enema world

  9. Interesting how white people have the most variety

  10. Buy why has debt increased so insanely so quickly

  11. Holy shit the shock i had when first reading this title. It's late rn so my brain ain't braining and I read this as 50 children found in slaughter house

  12. The g's would probably be wack but this would still be great for resupply missions and deep system mission

  13. I like how one place js just called new place

  14. Love how both sides of the spectrum can agree that the NDP is full of shit lol

  15. The NDP are on one side of the spectrum. You must be on the other.

  16. M8 if pp is right and Trudeau is left the ndp is still left but more right then the liberals. Therefore still a spectrum

  17. I'd unironically vote for this. Sidenote we need more Permian animals so this would be a great addition or some gorgonopsod

  18. People have nowhere to live.., jobs are exhausting whether it's factory work in some chemically toxic plant or in a high-pressure corporation doing 996... who's going to have kids?

  19. Don't understand why so many people want more people that act like this in their country

  20. Isnt this incredibly bad for the environment

  21. Velma is just a bad show. Getting upset over that, she's not white in this 800th adaptation is stupid imo tho. It really doesn't matter how they draw or cast the character. If it's bad it's bad and if it's good it's good. Race doesn't change anything at all.

  22. So why not leave every character as white then? Why ot stop replacing white people?

  23. I agree with the tweet but an Indian literally made this

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