1. "Kon halave limdi" very beautiful gujarati folk song about bond between brother and sister

  2. what kind of rule is that? how come someone can tell you who you should or not bring and when to do that, to my own home?? is that place that nice to stay with shitty rules like that?

  3. All these ridiculous rules are for tenants only. Owners ko kisi ka Baap rok nahi sakta.

  4. GOTY edition dose not included around 12 dlc, which you than Need to download seperately from store.

  5. I still wonder how this will work with a controller… wait and see!

  6. I hope you do know that age of empires was released on playstation back in 2001. I don't know why it took them so long to release it on xbox.

  7. I think everyone just gives one star. If you have poor rating the price goes up for you. Do this for enough people and eventually everyone will have hiked prices. I used to get something like 130-140 rs to my workplace. Nowadays there's nothing below 170. Even if there's no traffic.

  8. Yeah I feel we often forget how incredible it is because most of us have played it to death and moved on. Was surprised it wasn't the top comment when I checked out this thread but it kind of makes sense when you think of it that way.

  9. I am still waiting for xcloud here in India, I don't think it's happening anytime soon. Fortunately other xbox services apart from xcloud is available officially.

  10. Well deserved. What's wrong in playing few songs in local language. This would be the same guy supporting Hindi as the national language.

  11. In our office parties we dance on hindi, marathi, punjabi and English songs. Manager deserve the slaps this time.

  12. Save game, bang triss, load game, go back to wifey yen

  13. I am at my 1st playthrough, I also choose triss. One question dose triss and yennifer can know somehow that I am banging whores on the side for 20 crowns? Will it affect game?

  14. bruh, i got some hours in game and still doent know how Roach inventory works... mind some explaining?

  15. I do have a saddlebag equipped, but is It passive or i can manually drop things there?

  16. Holy shit you played 902 hours of this single game? That's like 3 hours daily for full year.

  17. This is 26.8% of ALL purchased copies. CDPR is on record as saying that a lot of players didn’t even get to Novigrad (or was it Velen?), and they acknowledged/attributed it to the fact the beginning of the game was slow. So the number 26.8% is deceptive. I’d wager that’s probably close to 70-80% if you account for how many players didn’t even get past act 1.

  18. It took me 6 years (since I bought the game) and multiple attempts to get past white orchard.

  19. Gwent is absolutely worth it. Much like your experience with White Orchard, the beginning for Gwent is slow. Your deck sucks, you have no good cards, and the mechanics are slightly confusing.

  20. Thanks, I will definitely try gwent now. I have almost 15000 crowns saved up, hopefully this will be enough to buy few good cards.

  21. There is something going on at Xbox HQ, I feel. No show at the game awards. No dates for any of the big new games. No holiday gamepass drop.

  22. Off-topic question, are all the games already added for December month or we can expect few more games as well?

  23. While I understand your frustrations, you have shared an individual's name and address. This would constitute doxxing and I would recommend obfuscating the name and address. I know that defeats the purpose of your post...but sharing this information on a social media post is a bit much.

  24. Didn't know he died... Well he was famous for around 6 months

  25. Pretty impressive how many cameras captured this event in a rural part of China.

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