1. I traveled in an RV for about a year and planned to at least do one more year but covid ruined my plans. There are a lot of pros and cons but if I ever do it again, I would choose a camper van instead of an RV. I had a class C and it was really too big a lot of the time. All the best boondocking spots are hard to get into in an RV. I never wanted to stay at RV parks but that's probably the best option most of the time. It was really stressful at times but it was also an experience I'll never forget.

  2. I was actually very curious about this myself and I really wanted to ask here but was afraid the mods wouldnt like it so I didn't. Thanks for asking! I had a hunch that the ASD community would lean more towards agnostic/atheist and it seems that assumption was correct although I guess reddit isn't necessarily a full representation of everyone on the spectrum but still very interesting.

  3. Did you ask her why she thinks it's a misdiagnosis? I would probably ask her that, then write down her points and email them to the one who diagnosed you, asking to hear this person's counterpoint and why they (probably) stand by their decision. They might be friendly enough to reply for free by mail, otherwise a simple phone conversation could do it, it's also likely to be cheaper than getting a second opinion.

  4. She said that because of my childhood trauma and the environment I grew up in, which was very chaotic, unpredictably loud, unstable, and years of basically being mindfucked to never speak about what was happening at home to people outside the family and conditioned to hide things from others, she said that being exposed to some kinds of stimuli or situations might look like autism. I will follow up with the diagnostician with that. That hadn't occurred to me. Thank you.

  5. There's something about talking to my sister that can play with my mind like no other person. I think because we are so close.

  6. Yeah that's kind of what messed with my head was like.. okay she is obviously familiar with the criteria somewhat and she knew me as a child so maybe she's right, but also she is quite a bit older than me and was out of the house by the time I was out in public school. We're not really close. I don't think anyone in my family really even knows who I am. I moved far away as soon as I could and been on my own since I was old enough to legally leave my house. So while it is hard for me to not take my sister's opinion seriously because she is a smart person and a phycologist, I also feel like maybe she really just doesn't know who I am because I've never really felt comfortable being myself around anyone except my current SO.

  7. Yes. My brother and I are both aspies. He is conventionally attractive. I am medium ugly. Like you wouldn't recoil at the sight of me, but you wouldn't ever hear anyone say "wow that's a sexy man" ever. He has always had a very easy time fitting in even though, behaviorally speaking, he is much less socially aware/adept than I am. He never had to learn the hard way about boundaries, picking up on subtle changes in body language or tone because although he is kind of an asshole most of the time, people generally WANT to be liked by HIM. Bc he is attractive. It might sound like I'm bitter but I am not bitter about this :)

  8. Ask her every day, "How can I best emotionally support you today?"

  9. You're not alone. I have always struggled making friends with other men. I have always been more comfortable around women or gay men. It might be that I just haven't really been around enough men like me but whatever the case, I tend to form friendships with women. My girlfriend does not enjoy this. She makes comments all the time like "are talking to some girl?" when I'm on my phone and it makes me sad because I don't want to make my girlfriend uncomfortable but I also don't want to stop being friends with my friends because she feels insecure. I have no romantic interest in my friends ☹️

  10. I saw a video while scrolling on TikTok the other day of this guy saying "autism is curable. Buy my supplements and cure your autism!" It was like a fucking multivitamin. I don't even know, y'all.

  11. Yes. I am quite tired of the world. I want to read and listen to music and watch movies. Das it.

  12. I haate having my toes scrunched up. I prefer flip flops. If I have to wear shoes or socks for a long period of time, my toes will be very sore feeling. Do not like.

  13. After decades of being taken advantage of, I have become very very cautious. Perhaps to an unhealthy degree but in my experience, it's the ones that call you friend that hurt you the worst.

  14. I had a staring problem for a very long time.. In high school once I was spacing out while looking at a classmate's face and they noticed and it was very awkward. I pretended like I was looking at something past them but it was really obvious and creepy.

  15. So far this is what I figured. You kids get off of my lawn!

  16. Before my official diagnosis, I reached out to my Mom to ask some questions about what I was like when I was younger. When she asked me why I was asking all these questions I said it was because I wanted to know if there were any indications of autism and then she says "oh, no no no. You were always very smart. Everyone always said so." And then I realized that she knew nothing about autism and I just gave up explaining. That's the way people think of autism. They think if you're masking well enough to seem "normal" then there's no way you could be autistic because autistic people are made out to be helpless and incapable of communicating. So just like my Mom didn't mean to be wildy offensive, I think your friends were probably coming from the same place and that doesn't make it hurt any less to be invalidated but I believe they were attempting to come from a good place. If you've done the research and you believe that you are autistic.. chances are you are correct. I personally trust that people understand themselves better than anyone else and for what it's worth, I believe you. I hope you are able to find peace with all of the things.

  17. I have no tub. Just a shower. Think the basic shower in the Sims. I bought a portable tub that is cylinder shaped and I have started to take showers inside the tub. It's nice. So.. kinda yes.

  18. Normal is a concept that you'll care less about as time goes. Do what makes you happy. If you like sleeping with teddy bears, great. If I had a teddy bear I'd sleep with it.

  19. Left handed. I believe it must have made sense to me to mirror what other people were doing. My parents said it was because I needed to be different lol.

  20. I guess I prefer autistic person but I'm not going to make a thing of it if someone says I have autism. It's just too much energy for me and it doesn't matter much because Im only telling people that I am autistic on a need to know basis. So in short.. I don't really mind either way :)

  21. Not a therapist so I'm not going to act like one and give you mental health tips. I don't have a crystal ball so I won't tell you it's going to get better. I'm not a guru or a shaman. On my best days I'm barely a functioning adult. But I am a fellow traveler on this bizzare carnival on a rock floating in a cast ever expanding nothingness and I just wanna say that how you feel is valid and I hope whatever you're going through gets better.

  22. Yes. I'm about to turn 32 but I look about 23/24 and without the beard probably a lot younger.

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