1. The cost is insane. It’s not insane that you paid it, if you can afford it. Most people don’t even have that much in their bank account. Have you looked into compounding?

  2. This is how I do it. I paint 1 coat on the baseboards before install. Then install, then fill holes and caulk, and then do 1 more coat installed carefully with paint brush.

  3. I’ve always had anxiety and but always been able to manage it. After starting MJ I started having regular panic attacks, mood swings, crying all the time, and got suicidal. I know it’s the MJ because it started at the same time that I started MJ.

  4. I’ve heard this from others as well as myself included. Heard of Deplin, a special form of folate 5-MTHF, that’s new and very effective. I take it now. I feel like a new man. It’s all natural at that, no side effects!

  5. Hey does your deplin seem to be less effective now? I feel like the MJ is blocking absorption of it…

  6. I feel like MJ makes every oral pill/supplement a time release so to speak bc of the slowed absorption. I notice this especially when i take Benadryl, no immediate sleepiness but more sustained feeling. I’d keep taking everything you were prescribed whether you feel it or not.

  7. My dr said I can try IV l-methyl folate but it’s not regulated. I don’t know.

  8. Yes. Check my comment history. I was on it for a week and I was wondering what’s the point of living.

  9. Mounjaro has nothing pharmachologically to do with anxiety. Your making an association that doesn't exist. Your anxiety is self induced not medicine induced.

  10. This medication targets glycogen stores, some of which are in your brain regulating neurotransmitters.

  11. I agree with you. I stopped taking it. My body was a furnace. There is no way that I would have felt the way I did if all I was doing was eating less. I actually ate enough on it. I had no nausea or GI symptoms. I have been doing LCHF and IF for years and pretty well, and have never felt anything like this. I’ve been on phentermine and know what eating less feels like. I mean, look at the celebs on it. They have trainers and dietitians and private chefs and still have lost massive weight. You can see their affect change too, that faraway look in their eyes. The biggest side effect for me was a flat affect and depression. I also saw myself differently in the mirror. I had tunnel vision and was light headed. Some insomnia. Turns out I lost 6 lbs in a week but I also was completely zoned out. I wish I had tested my pee because I’ve heard that it puts you in ketosis even though you are not eating keto. Like it bypasses your gut and goes straight to your glycogen reserves. But some glycogen is in your brain and apparently it has a small but important role on regulating neurotransmitters. I’m meeting my psychiatrist later this week and she’s a big nerd and will want to find out the impacts on the brain so I will post what I find out.

  12. Check your homeowners policy for spoilage. If a hurricane is headed your way you can buy a generator and make a claim. Some health insurance also will allow you to get a portable generator or refrigeration device—ask about durable medical equipment. Last year FEMA gave us all $1000 for generators, so we’re set.

  13. I skipped the second shot. I am feeling much better. Had some accelerated gastric emptying lol. I’m hungry but not binging. My state of mind is better but what’s so funny is that I look and feel bigger than I did a couple days ago. People talk about body dysmorphia but I always thought that I didn’t have it, I just looked like a giant stomach with legs…until MJ when I looked like a curvy person. I lost a couple pounds but nothing visible. But I think I look just as fat as 10 days ago but on MJ I looked normal. So strange. Anyway I don’t think I’ll go back on it, meeting with my psych on Friday to discuss.

  14. One question - do you consume caffeine? If so, how much each day?

  15. I like ritual and garden of life. These are powders tho. Most of the bottled/boxed ones have gums and preservatives, which wreck your gut.

  16. For me it is good ole genetics. I eat healthfully for the most part (flexitarian who rarely eats meat or fast food). However, I am prediabetic and have insulin resistance. Everyone in my family both sides struggles with weight despite being very successful and conscientious about what they eat.

  17. Just fyi, many people think they are bound by genetics but a lot of insulin resistance and propensity for weight gain is determined by your gut micro biome, or how your gut microbiome and dna interact. Microbiome is familial but not genetic. You can absolutely change your microbiome to support a metabolic shift. You can also get a fecal transplant but that’s overkill I think.

  18. I am going to delay my second shot because of this. How long have you been on MJ?

  19. I would call and ask to speak with the membership team about it. Pretty sure they do sliding scale and if you say your circumstances have changed or something like that they may do a discount. They really want members and take feedback seriously.

  20. Are you starting and stopping smoking a lot? I find that it really kills my hunger for a while and gives me horrible nausea.

  21. This. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome (CHS) is a condition that leads to repeated and severe bouts of vomiting. Can last for months, especially after stopping “dabbing.”

  22. If you haven’t read, “the body keeps the score”, check it out!! It talks about how ptsd is stored in the body.

  23. Usually insurance has a negotiated rate that is lower than the amount billed, even before you meet your deductible. Did you receive an Explanation of Benefits for this specific bill from your insurer?

  24. Kaiser doesn’t really work like that. They are a vertically integrated system.

  25. Healthcare in the USA is expensive. Most insurance companies negotiate discounts with health providers, so you pay less if you use in-network doctors and labs. When a bill is submitted to insurance, you get an EOB (explanation of benefits) that shows amount billed, negotiated discount, amount insurance paid, and amount you need to pay. Those discounts can save you serious money, so always have doctor/lab submit insurance claim.

  26. Yes. I only started 5 days ago but I’m struggling. I am on 15mg Deplin which was working really well for me. It’s the highest dose. Im also on a bunch of other psych supplements for ADHD and anxiety. They all seem to NOT be working. My affect is lower. Speaking of that—do you notice on the tiktok videos the creators on MJ seem pretty flat?

  27. Also on my first week. Seems all I can handle is protein and veg and a LITTLE carb. Like three bites of rice. I’ve read also that you may feel worse on days 2-3 when the meds are at the highest concentration in your body. I am completely wiped out, no bad GI symptoms.

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