101 grams wet, what a beauty!

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  1. I think you're more likely to get thick fruits during later flushes.

  2. I just finished tossing out my TAT cake last week. First time with these short fatties lol 👍🏽 Your tub looks good!

  3. Isolating monocultures, cloning and inoculating 🤙🏼 Strongest and fastest genetics get cloned and bred into what you see

  4. Okay so I have started working with agar but all I did was take my best mushy from the flush and took a tissue sample. What’s next

  5. Quite possibly, it's got the sclerotia colours.

  6. Not an expert but maybe it’s too wet, have you been fanning enough?

  7. My girlfriend ate half a gram and tripped her first time. I took two my first and didn’t feel anything. Took 3 grams in tea this last time with same results. It really sucks 😩

  8. I’m growing these so these are the only ones I can get my hands on right now. No one else around knows where to get them. That’s why I’m growing in then first place. I’m gonna try like 7-8 grams next time

  9. Holly fuck dude don’t do that yet try only going up a gram at a time also try grinding them up into small powder then eating that.

  10. Looks like some bacteria goin on. Metabolites are from the mycelium a stressin out, so something is causing that unfortunately.

  11. That’s the shroom equivalent of “drink the bong water” 😬

  12. This is so much worse?also I plucked a couple of mushys that have Vern flakes on the bottom is that safe to eat it’s close to nothing but still?

  13. Nice grow bet they are potent. I agree with the others tho looks more like APE

  14. These don't look like GT. They're also not albino - there's clearly pigment in the caps.

  15. I think they might b apes cuz they are the strongest mushrooms I have ever had by a lot.

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