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  1. oof bud, just buy shares. Donating your money to the hedge funds

  2. This is super interesting, with the volume of FTDs that we're going to see from this runup today I bet it'll propel us into a second reg sho period + sneeze

  3. OP fwiw you should get in the habit of using Limit orders instead of market, especially because market sells are going to be bad when the squeeze starts πŸ˜‰

  4. Glad nobody is up in arms on this post (yet) for it not being GME centric.

  5. they were sleeved i took them out to separate them, and like 700

  6. "sleeved" is not the same as "in a binder" unfortunately. I'd say you have at least $450 in cards depending on whether you sell them individually or not

  7. well i had them in a binder and someone told me to take them out cause the ring was bad or sum

  8. You should sleeve them now that they're out of the binder, dragon shield clear sleeves should be good you can find them on amazon.

  9. BCW Magnetic Card Holder - 35 Pt. You can get a 10-pack on Amazon for $17.95. I like to use them in conjunction with the perfect fit sleeves.

  10. What's the benefit over top loaders? Easier to access cards?

  11. I think it offers a little better protection as a fully-encased hard shell but mostly the benefit comes in display/aesthetic appeal IMO

  12. Gotcha, I'm working on finishing my unlimited base set right now so good to know.

  13. Keep an eye on the charts tomorrow, we might see a sudden runup if the

  14. Sorry, I am too dumb to put text and images together in posts. But essentially, I have been posting this chart for the last 2-3 weeks saying we fill the gap at 6.2-6.5 and my orders are now filling in since friday. Added bonus, OBV DIVERGENCE! Shorts are obviously selling short for the earnings, but there is clear positive volume on the OBV, to the point where we are now diverging considerably from the price. Which means, we will have a pretty strong upward move soon! edit : some errors and ps: In case you are wondering if gap fills mean anything, check out the

  15. Looks like we filled, very good sign for potential price improvement in the near future. Great post OP, love the additional indicators. OBV especially is fudded as being "not useful" due to massive buy pressure, but it's always struck me as one of the MOST useful metrics for meme stocks. Clearly shows holding behavior.

  16. Mistake in the title, should be Frackville not Frankville. Another small thing, "completed" may be slightly misleading, their lease officially started which is why it was removed from Loopnet (that's what I'm trying to get across here). Also interesting to note that GME and Chewy operate in the same fulfillment center 🀯

  17. This post is more for me to keep an eye on HKD for educational purposes. Not an attempt to hype dates as much as something to consult later when it's proven true/false.

  18. First of all, reading comprehension clearly isn't your strongest skill. Second of all, I need you to tell your bosses that I'm never selling πŸ˜‰

  19. This is likely due to order book spoofing, a very shady way that hedge funds have been manipulating prices for years on the stock market

  20. Please post this on the non-pruned thread, very good material

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