1. All the south Indians are gonna take offense to the title of this post

  2. They thought that they could get away with the Demolish/JCB thing like in India.

  3. And they have legal gun ownership. I would think twice before pulling off stunts like these...😂

  4. Bechari ne bas ek Starbucks coffe ki photo daali aur launde roast karne lag gaye...

  5. Seriously. At least someone understands. Itte log itte sare posts dalte hain yar, daal diya mene bhi. Trust me yahi post ek ladke ne daala hota toh kisiko koi dikkat nhi hoti.

  6. True. That's just how reddit is nowadays, nothing but a breeding ground for incels and misogynists.

  7. Stop copying Noida!!!!! But seriously Bina bomb ke itna perfect kaise Gira liya????

  8. “I will not leave India, I will not let this ruin my trip” —- What Mhyochi said after the incident.

  9. Apparently these words were not the same for the British woman who came to Delhi for the first time in her life for a Summit and a uber driver sexually harassed her. This is a recent story. That poor lady took the next flight to London the very same day.

  10. Yes, they did take place in my school regularly, actually before every ptm (kismat kharaab). But yeah, reward ke liye accha tha, of there was any

  11. Even in my school. Idk why they kept it during ptm. Result acha nhi hoga to baap aise bhi koi cheez nhi dilayega. Very bad marketing strategy 😂

  12. I support all the indian women with fat asses 🙏🏽🙏🏽😇

  13. You forgot Guy focusing on 'ladki ka chehra camera mein aa raha hai ya nhi' more than satisfying his gf...

  14. That's what people called them and it evolved into an official surname. You see this abroad too with names like Butler, Cook, Mason, Carpenter etc.

  15. Go to his profile. He's active in indiaspeaks, dankinindia, southasianmascuilinity subs. What do you expect from him. I just now went to dankinindia and the first meme I saw was degrading bihari.

  16. In the context of India, that's not catcalling just the fan behaviour here. They wouldn't be calling her Mam(a word of respect) if they were catcalling.

  17. I see you replying to all of my comments, And I also know how you reached this post because some Right wing user crossposted this on indiaspeaks subreddit in order to attack me or doxx me for speaking "against the country".

  18. A lot of people are telling you that the video is from Pakistan. Yet you haven't acknowledged it

  19. I didn't acknowledge it because I never mentioned that it was from India. This "backbencher" thing is popularised by Indian youtubers like Amit Bhadana Harsh beniwal etc. The reel where I took this from is an Indian instagram page and he put the caption backbencher to normalise this behaviour. Even the comments under that were 90% Indian justifying this behaviour. And fun fact I saw such type of behavior in Ferozshah Kotla stadium too. So there was no point of defending or addressing anything.

  20. Real shit why are Indian/South-East Asian men like this. Like, seemingly more than any other country. The 'bobs and vagene' meme exists from real life experience

  21. I also was upset with our "bob vagene" image. But when I seen this type of shit with my own eyes, then I realised that it's a much bigger issue.

  22. I'm not convinced they're even real people. Who looks at a PAINTING and goes "ooh yeah baby you need to be with me"?

  23. Brother you haven't seen indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Nepali comment section.

  24. A for effort but meme is mid af bro. You can do better

  25. Plane number batana, tera flight flightradar24 pe track karunga

  26. Now a days all I see are same repeated comments on all videos. Very rare I see organic comments on videos.

  27. True. Everybody is just hungry for likes. Some even take you to guilt trip for likes.

  28. "iss comment ko like karo warna tumhari maa mar jaegi"☠️

  29. Yes, bro this is most weirdest thing I've seen. I even came across a youtube short that was saying the same thing. These mfs using guilt for likes🤮

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