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  1. Well, don't let the door hit you on the way out.

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  3. There’s a conversation in the game where Mimir asks what happened to the ring and Atreus says he gave it to Sindri but he said he lost it. One of the things I love about Ragnarok is that a lot of questions players have are answered in subtle conversations had to break the silence during a playthrough.

  4. Atreus also interferes with them, if I run past the ancient in the mountain in return to the summit quest atreus goes and "wakes it up".

  5. Yes I’m pretty sure that’s when he was being a brat after killing modi, I might be wrong tho

  6. It wasn’t the good for something that we had to wait 32 days for, I wish it did something more than the basic noises

  7. Bones, Light, Amber, Wublin and Celestial are all the 10/10 islands for me

  8. The eliminations, each episode when a character got eliminated, 9 times out of 10 it was a decent character

  9. Yeah, I can’t spell for the love of god so when you responded I edited it lololol, then I forgot bout it then responded, but anyways pie and pillow suck so that’s why I dislike them

  10. It’s not cancelled. They never said it was canceled. They said that they will continue along side TPOT. Your proof being “see you in IDFB 2 :)” is the worst “proof” I’ve seen someone make up.

  11. You look like the guy from the “be honest, do I look like a can say n***a”

  12. Hewo I make video that grandma find really funny hope you guys like it uwu. Seriously dude stay off Reddit or at least don’t post till you’re mature enough.

  13. I just don’t like seeing little kids on Reddit that’s all. Also we can tell you lied about your age because you have nsfw marked on your profile. Gotta be 18 to have that kiddo.

  14. Yeah cause I put the year as 1999, like I do for every account, even accounts that don’t need you to be over a certain age to use, plus it ain’t a big deal my account is marked nsfw, I ain’t posted anything that bad

  15. Give me Park or Feeny any day! /s

  16. I’m a fan of Groomsport. If you like peace and quiet, the seaside, and a nice pub with amazing views then hit it for a visit.

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