1. Anantara resort has a honeymoon dinner package by beachside. Speak to them. Something like this photo.

  2. There is debloater for windows, you can safely remove all unwanted apps in any version of windows

  3. May be earlier you owned the domain without privacy protection and you can get whois history from so many sites.

  4. There is new improvement in STD testing. PCR STD test. You can try to keep yourself free from STDs.

  5. I was birn Vegan for 40 years now my gym trainer say i need to eat egg and mutton to build body.

  6. Better buy a original version. These so called online resellers are not genuine. After few months the activation will not work. You will be in trouble again. Bettee to buy from Microsoft.

  7. If you was using business account for non business number. You can try normal WhatsApp

  8. I have my T480s win 11 but it is so lag :)

  9. You will get your chats for 2 months. After 2months of no activity whatsapp will delete your DP and chat queue.

  10. It happened to me once. I convinced the new guy to give me the sim card. He was happy to transfer the sim. Try

  11. And the UAE paid for it. What is your point?

  12. If you can goto sharja GNP roundabout youcan find 100s if refurbished laptops for cheap price.

  13. Best place is GNP roundabout Sharjah. There are 100s of shops for Thinkpad refurbished laptops. Personally bought all my laptop from there. Just upgrade hard drive and ram. These laptops are very durable and good quality

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