1. Added 4 RTGs to a rover. Launch to runway and immediately get a warning that I have no power and the same wonky wheel physics.

  2. You don't have to post, just keep scrolling.

  3. Yep. Funny how they have a witty comment and yet the irony escapes them

  4. That looks like maybe potato dextrose agar. I would highly suggest malt based agar. In my experience (very limited), myc prefer malt. Also the PD based agar seems to dry out faster. You should also use Parafilm grafting tape and not micropore tape. The dishes don't need to breathe like UB bags do during colonization. Using that tape will just speed up agar drying.

  5. That link literally says any tape that says “paper tape” is correct. Other brands are fine. I’m using the Curad brand of paper tape because I mistakenly bought Nexcare Transpore the first time.

  6. It says to look for the printing on the inside of the roll not necessarily the package. OP's rolls have nothing printed inside the roll. There is "generic" and there is deceptively labeled "generic". Are you going to risk a dollar or two and ruin your bags?

  7. Gonna need a lot more info if you expect answers. Do you have pics to share? What's your process? Sounds like you are getting wet rot maybe? UB bags tend to be more moist that off-brand bags. If by live culture you mean liquid culture then wet rot may very well be your problem? You could be adding way too much liquid culture to an already very wet environment. How many CCs are you injecting?

  8. Yep. Depending on where you live and if you are on city water or a well its probably safe to use tap water without boiling it, but considering how cheap distilled or RO water is and how little you use while misting then why bother with boiling? Just my noob opinion though

  9. My area definitely has highly mineralized/chlorinated tap water at about ~250 PPM. Figured boiling would help kill off any bacteria or mold spores from the city pipes.

  10. I hear ya! My thought is shrooms grow in nature where rain water and the ground is probably more polluted than anything in our drinking water and coir. It's not a bad thing for home growers to take precautions though. It's just a matter of time/expense needed vs. payoff. Once myc reaches UB colonization it is already very resilient to contamination. I would say 90% of your contam worry is over at that point.

  11. Rip I did this morning. Hopefully they don’t get contaminated. I sanitized and stuff like that

  12. I have 2 2U server cases. Both systems have identical LSI RAID controllers (LSI Internal SATA/SAS 9211-8i). System specs themselves are different (see attached pictures). These are custom built and not off-the-shelf systems. Each has 8 hot-swap drive bays. Hard drives are not included. There is no internal hard drive so no operating system.

  13. Nope. He’s been truthful about GME for like a week now. Hells frozen over.

  14. I'm not seeing green anywhere, but cameras can sometimes discord the color based on lighting. It just looks like myc piss to me (kinda tan, yellow-brown color) which usually means its distressed for some reason.

  15. Just looks like simple wet rot. Open the bag and remove that area and send the rest. No big deal. No point in ditching the whole bag when there is a very good chance you will get a healthy grow.

  16. Wow that's a lot more than I would have expected when dry. Did you have to cut it up to dry? If not it must have taken ages.

  17. Personally I wouldn't do it if you are going to have a heat source and humidity source there. That would pretty much destroy the wood over time.

  18. They are predicted results and have been brought up here every fucking earnings call. This is NOT NEW

  19. Honestly all I heard was a bunch of PR speak and damage control with never before mentiomed features sprinkled in. They didn't even get basic features in the game at EA launch and you're announcing more features? As for multi-player....

  20. So you are saying you have no constructive criticism of my statement so you just go for a personal attack. How adult of you

  21. Been on my wishlist awhile waiting till it released... hoping they are not just releasing it because they giving up (like what happened with Empyrion).

  22. I'll just hodl and wait. These "any day now" posts happen every day for 2 years.

  23. Almost like newbies just showed up and decided to post some wisdom for the vets.

  24. Good luck with that shit. The sub is already under a reddit mod microscope

  25. Depending on conditions it may take 2 weeks to start pinning. The tub looks good. Keep it in fruiting conditions and around 75f. Keep the sides and top misted and you'll see pins soon

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