Belarus says it is unable to pay off debt due to sanctions

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  1. Great pictures, looks really excellent. What were the effects like for you?

  2. Aroma is earthy spice, some pepper and vague citrus. Nice mix of a mild stone from myrcene, some pain relief from the caryo, and no true sedation along with a moderate mood lift from the limonene to balance the myrcene. Doesn’t knock me out before bed but won’t keep me up so can be used at night or just to relax elsewhere. Mild creativity spike and not much cognitive impairment probably due to the pinene.

  3. Great review! Thank you! My experience with this one was as a pretty straightforward indica with a lot of couchlock built in. Terps I got were more gas than anything.

  4. That looks pretty good, better than I was expecting after reading the review first.

  5. Galenas should probably be included on this list. Just got the Lembas Dough and it is fire. I had a lot of good experiences with OCL when I was able to find them but it seems like their stuff has gotten a little meh.

  6. I really wanna try this one but I can’t stomach $47 for a 10th. Looks great!

  7. Yeah same. I think I'm gonna grab some but I hear you on the price.

  8. Correct, in much the same way Brazil doesn't allow anyone under 25 to own a gun.

  9. Given that App State still has a better winning percentage against Michigan than Ohio State does —- I think App should have full ownership rights on “the.” OSU wins it back if they ever get the series to above .500.

  10. IIRC he tweeted his dad didn't give him any money, and basically cut off his family or something. Nothing descriptive, basically just hinting about it. Mentions of abusive. That's why he calls people who mention the emerald mine liars.

  11. Elons biography makes it pretty clear that he does not have a relationship with his father and hasn't for decades. He wouldn't and won't comment as to why that is

  12. I gotta grab some more of this for sure agree the nose on it is crazy distinct and different I haven't seen it for a bit though

  13. [cue deep fake of Merrick Garland over Brad Pitt's face saying "what's in the box"]

  14. This one has definitely grown on me. I usually don't jump for the high potency strains but I really do like the terps here. It's kind of a chem and cookie combination, with a little spice added in.

  15. I recently got the Chocolate Mint OG Artifact-line, and was so impressed I went back and got a 2nd. For sure my favorite Galenas strain.

  16. Chocolate Mint OG is so underrated. Definitely a unique Terp profile. It hit me like a serious indica

  17. What is that Galenas jar? I haven't seen that one before?

  18. Also the 2015 Sugar Bowl, beating Bama after all that talk about how OSU couldn't compete with the SEC felt really damn good.

  19. This was definitely the one. I was at that game and after we won it was magical in New Orleans. The entire stadium emptied out and walked straight to the French Quarter, with OSU fans singing "We Don't Give a Damn" the whole way. Unreal.

  20. "Harvey was one of the advisers to the National Football League in the league's 2017 personal conduct investigation of Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott"

  21. I don't know about that. If this appeal is handled like an actual legal proceeding, then they aren't going to introduce new evidence. My understanding of the original Watson hearing was that only 3 accusers testified and that their testimony wasn't great. If the record is already bad, it is just a question of whether the punishment was appropriate.

  22. The product is overpriced and the longer that patients continue to buy low quality, over priced products the longer it will be before they have the higher quality options and better pricing.

  23. But if they actually do in fact like one of these products, the Ohio patient that is making their own choices based on their own preferences is definitely going to feel attacked here.

  24. When I was reading it, I imagined it as an annoying child-like voice, is that how it in the audiobook?

  25. No in the audiobook it's this snotty sounding patrician-like voice. Imagine Snape but no British accent.

  26. Effects are definitely different and I don't trust the hemp derived stuff at all. It's all converted from another cannabinoid, usually CBD, and the process creates synthetic cannabinoids and other unknown molecules. That shit is totally unregulated and the people in that game are usually fuckin con men.

  27. Seriously do both. Rolling is an important social skill but you will need a pipe.

  28. This is the worst part of NIL imo. The fact that every player is basically a FA after every season and can demand a new contract.

  29. Are there any examples of this yet i.e. one good season at a mid-level program and then getting a big NIL deal and transferring to a blue blood?

  30. The difference is that being a full time college student is not competitive employment. If they want "market value compensation", they should seek official employment.

  31. Except they are forbidden from doing so due to the NFL's rules.

  32. I take pictures of all the labels with the terpenes and then save them to an album. I’ve found strains without terpinolene make me feel like brain fog, no motivation, stoned. Terpinolene gives me focus and motivation, limonene helps with anxiety and GI, myrene/caryophyllene helps relax and reduce inflammation and my joint pain. Pinene is another anti anxiet, antioxidant and anti inflammatory.

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