1. Woah woah there buddy keep it PG. That's some EXPLICIT content right there 🥵🥵🥵🥵

  2. That would be hilarious if page 87 was just like a third of a page with teeth marks on the edge

  3. When you try to play a shanty after one too many grogs.

  4. Wow it's sold out that fast? That's kinda insane.

  5. Dang, that was the link you were going to use? I was hoping that you had another Amazon link beside that one.

  6. Yeah that was mine as well, had no idea it sold out in less than a week

  7. I like the window and the bed pattern, it's a very subtle way to sneak the colors in there, but yeah might be a bit much 😂

  8. I am not the type to typically do adventures, but I still did this one. Although the rewards were meh, the mechanics and general storyline made it feel like a tall tale.

  9. Yeah this was the first Adventure that I ever went and got all the optional stuff because I WANTED to listen/read what the characters were saying rather than just doing it for a title

  10. Good thing they’ve seemingly improved with the Foxy and Lefty statues.

  11. I honestly preferred this first wave more, lefty's just such a strange character choice (for the love of God give us Springtrap) and I'm super salty they really made foxys metal parts gray instead of making them metallic

  12. Yea kinda dumb that you can get merged from a PvE death

  13. I also absolutely hate that you have to literally spell out that your being sarcastic but in cases like that can understand it being helpful. Don't have to use it but expect to get down voted into the ground because of it sometimes

  14. I can respect that. I've don't think I've like ever used it either

  15. Yup! They added it last patch or before

  16. Actually I think it's been in the game for a LONG while. It got added like right after buried treasure was introduced

  17. This is all I want on the little secondary reaper island.

  18. My hope is that similarly to how this season gave us 2 pirate legend flameheart cosmetic rewards, seeing how briggsy is taking over the adventures maybe next season will have her jacket or mask as rewards

  19. Me when it's a sandbox game and I'm getting upset when people don't play how I want them to play

  20. Fully expecting it's neither the jacket or the mask and is some terrible cosmetic like Tasha's compass again

  21. The compass is alright, but they've had the model for briggsys jacket for YEARS and tons of people want it but they'd rather make new stuff.

  22. Honestly I just in general be sleeping on the chest of legends.

  23. It’s pretty much fnaf ar’s gameplay without the micro-transactions and gets updated frequently. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

  24. It just got an update about a week ago that added scrap baby, which has completed the entire scrap animatronic set

  25. Grass block green on all sides. All sides and top same shade of green

  26. I still don't know why but I feel a burning rage every time I see this as a texture pack, it just feels illegal

  27. I really just need to try to use it for a little bit to get used to it

  28. Bro WHY are foxys metal parts just gray and not metallic, that one change would have helped so much

  29. Masked Renegade Set. You get it from monthly reapers emissary value rewards

  30. That has been a bug for a while, I always assumed, its some kind of fail protection, if the game recognises the boss as stuck, it just kills it to avoid frustration.

  31. It definitely looks like the boss doing a lunge attack is what triggered it, so yea must have gotten stuck on some hithox and broke

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