1. They looked to the northwest and lo, king Paimon appeared in a human form - showing no guile.

  2. Is this based on Shane gillis’ lived experiences?

  3. Yoooo this is fucking insane because I literally came onto this sub to post the EXACT same fucking thing!! Screenshot and all. What are the odds that two people would be making chat gpt jokes by Shane Gillis within a few hours of each other 😂😂

  4. So basically D&D, Vampire and Shadowrun are just the tip of the iceberg. Asymmetrical survival/horror is definitely my jam. I'm not a fan of being too skilled or powerful in general. I always select the hardest setting of any video game out of pure masochism.

  5. Have you heard of call of cthulhu? Sounds like it could be up your alley. Games are a group of normal people, some professors, artists, tradesmen etc that get locked into a mystery, a life or death struggle against forces that are hard to pin down or comprehend. It focuses on investigation and dying or going insane is a big possibility. The mechanics are simple, too. It’s my favorite rpg by a mile.

  6. more of a she found now and who sees you kinda guy

  7. My tip is to try to watch stuff actually made in the 1920s and 30s (there’s a TON of amazing movies from around that time) anything that’s been made in modern times to portray the 20s almost always does it inaccurately, changing certain details and social mores to appeal to a modern audience.

  8. Labdanum, frankincense neglecta, elemi and patchouli

  9. Screen printing is so fun, your pieces look ace 👍

  10. Tfw you’ve been listening to the smiths for so long even the energized songs are wistful and nostalgic to you so they make you sad as well

  11. Hell no, and if any of my past girlfriends would have suggested that, I’d tell them to kick rocks.

  12. Sounds so cool man, now I want to learn it too! Great job

  13. Not shoegaze, but just another diamond day by vashti bunyan is peak birdwatching music imo

  14. Something about this whole story seems fishy to me

  15. Actually a lot of white nationalists are fans of Malcolm because he was kind of a separatist. He used to say black people and white people were never meant to coexist. Then he went to Mecca and his views changed a bit and they shot his ass. But most of his books and speeches are about separatist views and racial pride, all of which is what white nationalists pretty much stand for.

  16. I could see them having admiration for him but not rocking his sweater, in the same way I don’t think I’d see a black nationalist rocking a George Lincoln Rockwell sweater (if that even exists).

  17. The good faith/bad faith dichotomy is so fake and gay. To these people if you’re a shitlib you’re arguing in good faith, and if youre right of Bernie you’re an evil natzee who is arguing in bad faith and physically can not express or argue for any viewpoint without some ulterior motive.

  18. I like them both but builders is one of my very favorite sets of games. I’ve replayed them both like 4 times.

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