1. It's statuary rape. Doesn't matter the age of the perpetrator. Law enforcement can press charges on behalf of the obvious victim regardless of the small age gap.

  2. True, but perpetrators usually get a slap on the wrist for it, especially if they're a juvenile, unless of course there were other aggravating factors or they had a prior criminal record.

  3. This person would probably help bury the bodies if his friend turned out to be a serial killer

  4. I know people like this, they want to be friends with everyone and avoid all conflict, all the time. They insist on “seeing the best” in some really horrible people. I’ve had to distance myself from friends who are like this. Like have some standards ffs, why stay friends with pieces of shit?

  5. Now that's what I call being desperate for friendship.

  6. Leave it to a homophobe to not understand grooming and power imbalances.

  7. And yet when actual grooming/paedophilia occurs , these are the same people who tell survivors to STFU and to forgive the perpetrator. Especially if the perp is a Good Christian Man™

  8. I noticed that comment too. The sheer vitriol was way over the top. It honestly sounded like something like a "fire and brimstone" sexually frustrated pastor would say.

  9. Are you saying people can’t cheat on their wife after being married for 17 years?

  10. No, it's the fact that he married an asexual wife when he was a virgin AND stayed with her for sexless 17 years before deciding to randomly cheat on her .

  11. Ya gotta admit the Windex in the pasta is overkill no matter how much of a pos a customer might be.(it's might even be a felony)

  12. I've worked in hospitality for over 20 years on multiple continents and I have never seen anything like this, I'm calling bullshit. Windex in their food?

  13. The Windex one is a serious felony, possibly assault or even attempted murder!

  14. A "Christian wife" as you describe it sounds more like a servant than a wife.

  15. Apparently it's only a punishment from God when it happens to people that they don't like.

  16. I've met Christians who thought sonic the fucking hedgehog was satanic. Yes the cute blue Hedgehog fighting a mad scientist with a robot fetish.

  17. I never understood the whole "sacrifice". What did he sacrifice if he can come back? Or if jesus is the son of god (and god somehow?), how did god sacrifice his son if his son is with him? Its essentially the biggest

  18. Another thing I don't get is that even if Jesus had to die, why did he choose to die by crucifixion?

  19. If he came back today and acted the same way he did 2000 years ago, he'd be arrested for destruction of property , disturbing the peace and making terroristic threats and a bunch of other felonies (among other things).

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