1. Pearl, X, sissy, prey, deadstream, tethered, TCM 2022, hatching ( fucking loved it ), speak no evil

  2. Havent watched sissy yet, the australian film right? Speak no evil was brutal but great, loved Prey cuz of the heritage, dont get the hype about X and Pearl, even they were decent, and out of your list of disappointing movies, I loved Barbarian (except the ending), and Men.

  3. I loved everything about that movie, including the ending.

  4. Is it bad to want ghana to lose so TP comes home unscathed?

  5. I would like TP to nutmeg Suarez and bang one in top bins and immediately after doing that announce he is retiring from international football.

  6. Haha sounds good to me 👍 Like the spurs goal and then, screw you guys Im goin home kinda vibes. Seriously though, pls dont get injured TP for the love of god

  7. As a half japanese guy living in tokyo, ngl it feels good, the whole population behind their team, like families with kids literally woke up at 4 to support their team, everyone on the streets ate exstatic. Though it was prob a lil lucky, im happy 😃

  8. I thought their approach was all wrong. Needed more urgency from the start.

  9. They were terrible goin forward all game, no idea, no creativity, no intensity, no intent, typically the downsides of the japanese culture, playing it safe because of a fear of missing, lack of initiative, and even a little complacency against a really poor costa rica team. Im so disappointed ☹️ They missed their chance, now its spain and back home. Also why the coach didnt bring kyogo from celtic is beyond me, they have no real forward, and this ueda guy was appalling.

  10. This has nothing to do with culture. You don’t say that nonsense about england’s culture when you see Southgate fuck it up. This is all Japan’s coach.

  11. I got a lil emotional as a japanese, my bad, u re right in that this coach tactics are so negative, but they lack audacity and courage as well

  12. It could have been crazier to start him, they would be risking him missing the rest of the tournament due to injury

  13. They were dreadful and i dont think he would have made a difference tbh, better not to aggravate his injury, they will prob be out soon anyway. I was rooting for them but they were terrible goin forward against prob the weakest team in the competition (besides qatar maybe)

  14. As a half-japanese half-french guy, i hope japan wins today, france, yea sure they re doin good but i always support the underdogs in a wc. Somehow this japanese team got me way more excited.

  15. It would be a huge shame if South Korea and Portugal win their next match, eliminating Ghana from the WC so Partey can return home early and have a longer rest. I definitely don’t want that to happen

  16. Ideally uruguay and korea go through, so both bentancur and son get tired as fuck lol

  17. Same here. As much as i want him to play well, if he could come back early, that d be a big big boost for the rest of our season.

  18. Ngl, kinda buzzing seeing japan win vs germany with super tomi playing his part. im half japanese living in tokyo, people are celebrating like they won the wc lol

  19. I havent watched any game so far, and dont really care about this wc, but im not gonna lie, a little excited for japan game as a half japanese guy. Also why no tomiyasu? No mitoma? Hope its a tactical thing

  20. Bizarre comment, Kane don't seem like a bad bloke

  21. On the one hand, i want kane to be tired, on the other hand, i want saka to be fresh 🧐

  22. Not salty he didnt get to go, supporting his mates, you love to see it

  23. Also, i like how he adapta his game to the team around him, those crosses or long high passes in the box, thats smth he doesnt do at arsenal

  24. He oozes confidence, his first touch, his ability to break the lines consistently, ling may it continue

  25. If they re wise enough to hive him a little time, i am sure he will deliver to some extent. Then again, its chelsea so…

  26. I dunno but if he finishes with double digits in both g and a, i think we ll be alright

  27. Dancer in the dark. Dogville. Any lars von trier movie

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