Why does alcohol still taste like shit? I'm 21, the drinking age is 18 where I am. All my peers already drink. I find beer and wine disgusting and can barely tolerate the taste of vodka and lady drinks (as a dude.) When does it get better?

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[Serious] What are some good things happening in the world right now?

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  1. Ah classic mistake. She was telling you how she felt (worried about her butt) and rather than offer her emotional support, you offered her advice on how to fix it. Wrong move dude. I get it, it happens to everyone, it’s just it’s rarely a good idea to offer to help fix someones problems or give advice unless they ask.

  2. When she told me she is attracted to wide shoulders I immediately focused on my shoulder workout routine to look better be more attractive for her. I am not self conscious or feel bad that she is telling me big shoulders are good it's just I really really like her and I want to give her whatever the fuck she find attractive, comfortable, enjoyable. I also enjoy looking at myself being shredded each day.

  3. I guess maybe I can tell her that I feel alone in the gym and want her to join me an easy way to convince her for the starters. After some time if she likes the change in her appearance she might be more into it and we can all be happy. If she doesn't well at least we tried I love her no matter what.

  4. Computer animation doesn’t mean the computer does the animation…I do.

  5. He has 65 likes? Rule 1 or rule 2, which one is on effect now?

  6. Teach science, logic, reasoning and fallacies of reasoning. Limit access to your children. Teach to value science, education, math, independence and self sufficiency. Teach history, legends, myths and religions as part of what motivates wars. Consider strict limitations of exposure to social and online interaction of "peers" because if done correctly, they will not have any.

  7. Why would I want to limit their social interactions instead of allowing them to have healthy ones?

  8. Man my kids are so wildly different. Two of them are 10 months apart, and nearly opposite each other. Equally gifted, I did nothing special to either outside reading to them and letting them express themselves in their own ways.

  9. It’s insurance. Ideally, insurance is a total waste of money.

  10. Before Jesus everyone was born in sin, and went to hell when they died. After Jesus you're still born in sin but if you follow Jesus that sin is absolved and you can make it to heaven.

  11. Why the hell if you born BEFORE Jesus go to hell? What did those people do wrong?

  12. They didn't. They were in what is called "Abraham's Bosom" until the crucifixion.

  13. According to Bible what you should do to go heaven in early years like. BC 1000, BC10000,

  14. You don't have to, do you feel you must smoke cigars as well? I can advice you do try Schweppes Tonic, its usually is goes with gin but you can only drink the Tonic which includes no alcohol. Its refreshing, ESPECIALLY lime.

  15. There are two main data types we get out of Webb, images and spectra.

  16. I don't think I can explain the first part of the question but I can explain why the galaxies appear warped. It's a phenomenon called gravitational lensing, and it's as you said, due to the curvature of space-time.

  17. Have been working out actively for two years, going to have to workout from home approximately 7 months.

  18. Hey, are you planning to keep here only for AskReddit. Do you consider including any other text based sub?

  19. I've already kinda did this once, I made a

  20. The public release of the first images captured by the Webb space telescope is just ten days away!

  21. small amount of blood is excellent at urine...? how

  22. how far back are we talking? Around 1800s they had decent forensics. It wasn't super easy to just kill and run. It's certainly harder now then ever tho

  23. suffering from success, be yourself, she liked and proposed to you. Keep being you, tell her how you feel. Don't over commit, be relax it is going to be a good night!

  24. I am relatively new to the GYM community compared to many of you veterans but I am already an addict. The problem is when I go abroad or summer vacation I bring some equipment with me, resistance bands, light dumbbells pull-up bar etc. but have harf time figuring out what should I do.

  25. With so much information, I am just very indecisive. Can't really say if any of the information is one if those Visible ABS in 2 weeks ads or not

  26. Couldn't hear the guy, accidentally took off my glasses instead of my Bluetooth headphones with the heat of the workout. We both laughed for a solid 5 minutes.

  27. it is possible to read a notification and send ot to the band

  28. but it is converted to binary data sequence then back to air vibrations so i guess it does not count

  29. Hopefully, all my pets who died would be my welcoming committee, and I'd hug each one.

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