1. 7/11 for sure has public microwaves. I work at one now, after around 8 months of being homeless. Not sure about the other locations, might depend on whether it's corporate or franchise, but ours is busy enough that we don't really notice or care if someone pops in to use it, even if you didn't buy something from the store. It's sitting out in the open.

  2. OP can just come work at my job, we have no space to move around as it's crowded af so I regularly have to cuddle platonically with some dude named Reece while the other 6 people around us are trying to squeeze by. Reece is a great cuddler though, so it's fine.

  3. Hey, give those back! I dropped them on the way back to my UFO. Also, yes.

  4. Hey, would you be comfortable with a private conversation to pick your brain? I'm looking for a firsthand perspective of the homeless situation around here.

  5. Sure, fire away whenever. It'll be mostly anecdotal and based on my short experience. But if you're interested, I do have some stories and observations. Lol

  6. Not at all. I'll be here for the next couple hours. Hit me with some questions, sounds fun honestly

  7. How old are you, and what characteristics make up an "attractive female" to you physically speaking? I'm not trying to mock you, but if you want a genuine answer I do have some genuine questions

  8. I second the storage unit idea, but only if you can find one that's low-key, no cameras, and not a ton of traffic in and out. I lucked out and found an outdoor drive up facility that was a reasonably short walk into town. Had a place to store my things, I brought water in for cleaning myself (no public showers nearby) , and a place for some privacy. Some of them have electricity too, so you can plug in a fan, small heater (as long as you're 100% absolutely sure it's safe. I haven't looked into prepping mine for winter yet so there may be better options), hell, I plugged in my phone and tethered it to my laptop for internet to job search. As long as you're clean and quiet, and stay under the radar. Better than sleeping on the street or in a shelter imo. Definitely kept me afloat for the first couple months while I worked on getting my ID and a job figured out

  9. Yea he's right! All the cameras are broken (not blinking and has no red dots) at the storage unit I'm at (this company is cheap) plus it is also an outdoor drive up facility so you know two things to look for. I started with a 5x8 about $119 a month then I moved into a 10x12 unit for $173 neither have electricity but I'm told the bigger 10x14 unit has electricity.

  10. Yeah exactly, I just did a lot of calling around and research on the places around me. I'd ask if they have lights in the unit (saying something like I'll be visiting mostly at night as I work days), yes means they're capable of electricity, there are adapters you can buy that plug into the light socket as long as you make note of the wattage and don't overload them.

  11. Dude you have a bed. In nyc they don't allow you to lay down. You have to sleep sitting up in a metal chair with the lights on all night. If you fall asleep and fall out of the sitting upright position they slam the chair and wake you up and tell you to sit up. The blood fills your legs after so many days and then you have to go to emergency room. You can't lay down outside anywhere in the city the cops will take you to rikers island.

  12. What's the purpose of forcing someone to sleep sitting upright? Do they just not have enough beds or space?

  13. No. Please don't do it, OP. I'm not saying that you shouldn't look for a way out if things are bad at home. But I'm currently homeless, and I can tell you that you'll just wind up with a whole new set of problems. The grass is always greener, etc.

  14. Lmao, no pipe to lay, it's a women's shelter. She played herself off as a harmless, slightly religous older lady and I guess I bought it. Was sleeping in my storage unit prior to this, but just had some immediate things on me and had come straight back after work since transit shuts down too early to make both trips.

  15. Huh, never thought about that. I don't have a bike but now that I have a steady paycheck it sounds worth looking into. Hopefully they're easy enough to convert. Definitely an interesting idea.

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