1. When I come to this point, I make myself sit down and drink a bottle of water. It slows my brain down. Sometimes I’ll force myself to draw or write out what’s actually bothering me and then burn it.

  2. Imagine being a survivor of rape and seeing this.. cause there i am right now. Imagine being in my place right now and seeing men post shit like this and how fucked up it is. I wont be sleeping tonight thanks to the ptsd and this shit setting me off tonight..

  3. I am so so sorry what you went through. I had someone who I love very much get raped and groomed when they were 15-17 years old. While I myself am not a victim, I totally get the ptsd you have due to these sick fucks. I pray that things get better for you in the future and that you make a full recovery.

  4. There is no full recovery. There is no going to before you were raped. The person you were before you were raped no longer exists. There’s simply no going back. Rape is worse than murder in my experience. I wish my rapist bothered to kill me. He didn’t. And like so many others, I get to drag this weight around with me for the rest of my life. We are walking wounded people and we don’t get the option to be anything else. Some of carry it better than others. Therapy and/or medication has helped many of us. But we all carry this shit and it’s soul crushing. So, thank you for your kind words, and I know you mean well, but there is no full recovery from rape.

  5. Should have jumped in here earlier because we could have told you to go to walmart - that vial in your pic is $25, and a box of syringes is $12 for 100.. they do sell the pen versions for $75 (maybe less now), and the pen needles are $12 for 50.. CVS is the WORST place to go to when cash paying for any prescription and their prices are so high its ridiculous. But yeah, this is what we deal with on a constant basis here.

  6. I struggle to see how a big company can charge you so much more? And would Walmart have sold to me OTC? And why the old school vial insulin - I woulda paid more for pens!!

  7. Walmart will sell novolog in both long and short acting OTC. Just go to the pharmacy and ask for it.

  8. I was a mistake. The byproduct of my mom getting revenge sex on her cheating ass husband. He made her keep me to teach a lesson or some shit. Guess who really got the punishment.. little me. I watched my brothers (who came later to “fix” things with their marriage, apparently) get love, affection, birthday parties. I wasn’t even hugged by my mom. Nobody gave a shit when i got sick or when my brother hit me in the chest with a metal baseball bat, breaking 4 ribs, and left me nearly unable to breathe. I now have no family at all - my mom died, but im pretty sure she wrote me off as dead before the Alzheimer’s took her. Her husband still sends me abusive emails about what a piece of shit i am. Ive found the only way to get any kind of revenge is to do everything to live my best life. They want me to fail and die in a gutter; im going to handle my shit, be successful, and die happy somewhere warm. You didn’t choose your parents, but you can choose the life you live afterwards. Think about it.

  9. It was actually the standard way to give birth up until the 17th century, when a perverted king with a birth-watching fetish and a doctor who deemed it more convenient influenced the change. Even though different positions could be much more beneficial giving birth, many hospitals will still try to force the method of laying down out of convenience regardless of what you want. Just yet another shitty part of healthcare as a woman.

  10. This is what i was talking about in my post… have a link to share because im not finding it

  11. Cant find the article, but there was a king who got off on watching a woman give birth and having her on her back gave him the best view..

  12. Boundaries. Set them and hold him to them. You do not have to do anything you do not want to do and if he’s got a problem with that, you leave.

  13. Lol, I hear you. I’m bi, so even if I still had a uterus, I don’t use BC with my female partners.

  14. I’m pan.. and I kinda go through phases where it’ll be more guys.. or more trans.. it just changes on the whims of the universe. Lol..

  15. Sam’s also has it for $120 if you know someone with a membership there instead. That’s where I got mine a couple days ago!

  16. Yeah I just looked it up. Only it’s not available at the ones out here because I apparently live in some backwater town .. smh.. and it’s backorder online. I’m just doomed to suffer without it.

  17. I totally get it. I only got mine cause I was out of town. I still had to drive half an hour to the nice side of town cause that’s the only place they had it. Hope you can get one soon! 🤞🏼

  18. Me too! I’m type 1 diabetes and anything that I can make ice cream that won’t make me sick is just awesome

  19. It’s never for “your own safety” to restrict access to information. Just saying..

  20. You need to see someone about an eating disorder. While I’m short too at 5’2, being 4’11 and 99lbs is the lowest end of normal”.

  21. Just a reminder: you don’t owe him anything. Not your time. Your attention. Your forgiveness. Nothing.

  22. I didn’t either in my 20’s.. so “liberal arts” it was.. which led into the actual arts, and weirdly landed me in astrophysics, which I like the science, but don’t want to be a scientist. I’m still lost, but I’m having fun finding myself - it’s like an expensive game of Where’s Waldo. Lol.

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