1. I took 2 semesters off, was a pain reenrolling cause they marked me as an inactive student early. Email your advisor with your intent before you do and before you have to enroll when you return to avoid a headache.

  2. so cute! so happy to see others like wei xiaobao too, im a sucker for a bad boy with a soft spot 🥰

  3. There are free lockers in the locker room next to the basketball court. If you bring you backpack or something else you should put it in a locker. You don’t need to lock it, but the stuff will be removed if you leave it over night. You could also pay for a locker and you could leave stuff in there full time if you wish

  4. thank goodness i love the lil diagrams, my biggest fear is to use a machine completely wrong somehow

  5. Just bring your own lock (Kroger should still sell them in with their basic office supplies) and some earbuds (if you really don’t want to be bothered other than maybe asking if they can work in) and you’re all set. Side note, I’ve always gone in the morning cus practically no one is there before 9 am.

  6. thank you, im trying to avoid the crowd til i get comfortable working out again

  7. furniture, i want the cool intricate pieces but i dont want to lug them up flights of stairs

  8. this situation wasn't just two drunk people, it was a drunk person and one person who was significantly more intoxicated. OP said this person had been repeatedly asking her out and was refused every time. the guy KNEW his advances were rejected when she was sober, and took advantage of how intoxicated she was

  9. youtube has some episodes, not sure how many but i watched similar shows like kitchen nightmares that way

  10. i think it's weird, by all means do nice things for people but if youre doing the nice thing only because of some knight's honor or because of the other person's gender that's weird.

  11. $250 for groceries is way more than what you would pay if you were supporting yourself. paying $400 is fair and good you agreed to that, but it's shady they want to renegotiate a set deal.

  12. Bold of you to assume I'm ever really productive.

  13. Is there such a thing? "Cheap" olive oil in my country costs no less than €4 a litre.

  14. prices are about the same for store brands in the US, the brand I mentioned to the other commentor is about $15 a liter but worth it imo. oil is the first thing in the pan in most all of my cooking so I think of it as having a stronger foundation for the dish, I've had some issues with consistence of quality from cheaper brands

  15. being on your phone: i understand if you get a text you need to reply to real quick or you want to show me something on your phone, but if youre scrolling through reddit BYE

  16. you cant make someone respect your boundaries, and someone who loves you wouldnt push on them so hard for their convenience

  17. Thank you for your detailed explanation, that was exactly how I needed it explained to me to make sense. I have been intimidated by the workload I hear of but that sounds like that's exact training I would need/want, thanks again :)

  18. you can leave your things; they aren't going to house someone different in your dorm for winter break

  19. the midnight gospel animated on netflix, the animation was soft and squishy and often silly but still helped convey complex/hard to digest topics.

  20. pizza, theyre more customizeable and you can split them so half the pizza is one flavor combo and the other is something different

  21. that deoxygenated blood is blue; i remember making a friend visibly angry in middle school with my stupidity

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