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  1. Everytime I see someone that got out right before 9/11 and never went back in I have to bite my tongue to stop myself from asking the obvious question

  2. Hey there. I'm not an expert in running, but I've ran a few marathons, have a 37ish min 5 mile, and max the APFT/ACFT run. A few quick tips:

  3. No, I feel the exact same way as you. With my last relationship I always took care of her when she was sick, tried to do gestures, tell her how much she meant to me and be all cute in bed and what not. Then one day I think it became too much for her and she told me she lost feelings and didn’t love me anymore.

  4. The Forward Observation Group guys as well. Their FCPC is covering their gut.

  5. It’s almost as if Ferror sucks and is overhyped because of IG clout chasers

  6. Meanwhile in JMRC we did an entire rotation without ever stepping foot inside Albertshof. 30 fucking days without showers or seeing the inside of a building.

  7. I'm currently in the 75th and there's a platoon in my battalion who only the PSG has been shot at before.

  8. Jesus fuck in the 75th? It wasn’t long ago at all when every TL and above had a CIB

  9. Dark side theocracy. The Empire was a stepping stone to that goal. He already hollowed out the Republic, just had to make that next leap at some point.

  10. That’s fucking dark for Star Wars jesus

  11. Nice source because you still can’t provide one because you’re wrong, The top posts in the sub are memes and joke posts, which might explain how you can’t tell the difference between a larper and an actual SOF operator. No one wears fucking airsoft masks on deployment.

  12. Nice back tracking from your previous comments that I can still see of claiming “yeah bro spec ops wear these stacking terrorist bodies all the time” because you still can’t provide even a pic of one. And a UK cop wearing a balaclava doesn’t count. You’re a furry and don’t know shit about what the actual SOF does.

  13. This was me in my last high school, I just moved yet again and had about year there so I kept to myself. I would literally just play on my phone and wear a shirt and gym shorts but because I was the quiet kid apparently everyone thought I was school shooter material. Like dog I genuinely don’t give a fuck about a single one of you I just wanna graduate and move on. I graduated a semester early and didn’t attend graduation.

  14. On a side note, how in the fuck do I get CP in the US? I’m in 2024 and no amount of campaigns or anything even gets me more than a 1% chance of taking a CP in America and yet the initiative is slowly taking CPs there

  15. Dude are you me? Literally everything you wrote could’ve applied to my last relationship. Ultimately she decided to end it because she fell out of love and felt guilty for feeling like she couldn’t give me what I was giving her in return.

  16. All of my friends that are women have seen their boyfriends break down in front of them and they're all still together in happy relationships - maybe it depends on which region you grow up in and who you surround yourself with

  17. Well I’m sincerely happy for them then, when I looked for a partner I want someone I can share everything with. Get to be emotionally invested in someone and let yourself be vulnerable only to have them reject you is one of the most horrible things that can happen to you.

  18. I'm sorry that's happened to you.. I hope you find that person, thank you for opening my eyes up to what men experience

  19. Meant to reply earlier but thank you for being so open minded kind internet stranger

  20. Better leave ukraine now russia is planing to launch its winter offensive soon!

  21. I’m sure it’ll go as well as the last 3 lmao

  22. Well this hit home, what’s funny is that now that when I’m an adult and my coworkers go “hey I’m gonna be late I have to drop off my kid to school” the biggest reaction they get from leadership is “ok 👍”

  23. Yep, I watched a kid get chaptered out for Ht/Wt in Germany, despite the the fact that he had a college degree in criminal justice, entered as a Specialist, worked his fucking ass off for 2 hours a night in the gym on the elliptical, dieted, and had a wife and two kids accompanying him.

  24. I’ve seen HT/WT get pencil’d or swept under the rug so many fucking times for shit bags fuck his leadership, “a bloo bloo I have to up hold the standard” even if the standard is actually stupid.

  25. Every single time I see a blurred NSFW post on this sub I know I’m gonna regret clicking on it and yet I can’t stop myself. Someone pass the bleach please

  26. How funny would it once the clear it and get it running again a different part explodes into the sea

  27. There isn't much information about this course online, so I pretty much went in blind. If anybody has ANY questions regarding this course, please feel free to ask away.

  28. What is the course actually like? Is it more of a gentleman’s course on recon or Ranger School2.0?

  29. Gentleman's course. No unnecessary smoking/hazing.

  30. How long were your movements and ruck weight?

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