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  1. Hey I just went through this and it was a pretty easy fix for me. Go into you settings and open the app section and opened the dasher app option . It will tell you to force stop the application . Do that and then open up settings again and find the storage and cache for the dasher app. Clear the storage and cache and start the app again. It worked for me your just gonna have to log in again. If not call the dasher help line. They were quick.

  2. None. Iv never even talked to a cop honestly 😂

  3. Im sorry I did not read most of your post but if you are paid $15 a hour and have to deal with any of this BS just leave. If everyone around you is quitting and you stay then you deserve to get burned

  4. I wanted to leave a long time ago when the first set of managers left but I was just stuck because I needed the money so badly ☹️

  5. 70% Alcohol and scrub brushes. We also used the green brillo pads it was super stuck in there

  6. I work at a dog daycare. Just tells us that there's allways never ending work to be done 🙃

  7. I could of kept going but I ran out of alcohol:(

  8. It's been a very difficult month to say the least

  9. It's been a while since I played, what enemy is this event for,

  10. Why not just use paper towels or something?

  11. Not satisfying. This looks very time consuming with that tiny qtip.

  12. I tested what's would work best then I used a small cloth. I used 70% ISO

  13. Sorry to tell you this... but give it a few weeks and it will come back unless you use a really good oil base primer before you repaint.

  14. Not too worried about it. Not really planning on repainting it just wanted to clean it up!

  15. I grew up using that Costco! I remember always seeing her in there, my mom would go and bring me atleast once a week when I was super little and it was allways so fun and she would recognize me and allways give me an extra sample and a pat on the head before I ran to the next sample station. Such good memories in that store <3

  16. I have one! It's great and I can't wait until I can afford enough weed to make a big one!

  17. My lordt...seriously though girl you need jesus. I don't believe in jesus but whatever is going on here needs jesus.

  18. More like Jesus needs me if you know what I mean.

  19. It's not. It's more chlorophyll-ish than anything. But it does make your mouth numb. Very numb.

  20. I didn't taste it just put my mouth around it. Nothing more then some sticky lips 😂

  21. Depends on the shift. I do closing shifts and I take care of the dogs mainly. Potty them, feed and give them water, administer meds and clean up any messed they make. I do all the laundry and dishes from the day too and then I close up. I also have to make sure we are up to code for animal control in our county. I deal with 10 dogs on a slow day and up to 30 on a busy day. I'm usually by myself for these shifts too Oh and if it's the weekend and the cleaning crew isn't there then I have to do all the cleaning Edit: wanna add that I also walk/jog up to 30,000 steps a day running dogs to and from the lobby and back. I remember throwing up and passing out my first few days because of how exausting it was.

  22. Do you sell these? The mushroom one is AMAZING!

  23. It's been proven since I was there for the multiple phone calls with his boss and him receiving and seeing his check that was lowered...

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