Boy “Sees” A Firefighter For The First Time

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  1. Om du inte löst det än. Dra i bygeln samtidigt som du snurrar på översta hjulet tills det klickar till lite och känns i bygeln då går du ner till nästa hjul och gör samma sak där till låset är öppet

  2. Firefighters aren't supposed to park at an angle anymore on the highway (at least in Sweden) because if the firetruck is struck by a truck it might flip over on to anyone who might be in the zone between the truck and the accident. Instead it is supposed to be parked straight with the wheels turned to the side of the road so if it gets hit it will be pushed to the side of the road.

  3. My best friend’s dad is a firefighter and I genuinely don’t know how they do it. The idea terrifies me. It’s one of those jobs that you never know when something may happen to you

  4. It's a surprisingly safe job, at least in Sweden, the few deaths of firefighters are on roads with crashed cars because people are idiots and don't slow down or try to go around the fire trucks. That and the risk of lungcancer is higher for firefighters but that will hopefully go down with the increase in attempts with better care for equipment so that carcinogenic particles don't get brought in to the living quarters. So the risk of something happening to you on the job is relatively low, it's almost more likely that you hurt yourself playing floorball or football than during an incident (speaking from one summer worth of internship experience at a station). Not knowing if/when something is going to happen can be a bit stressful especially if you need to take a shit.

  5. Måste påpeka att det inte är jag som originellt gjorde denna upptäckt men nu har jag faktiska frågor om hur man tänkte när man skapade illustrationen på framsidan av förpackningen

  6. Skulle gissa att det är för att visa att det är lika gott som att koka en egen tomatsås

  7. If you don't care about earning a lot of money become a fire fighter work 1-3 days per week for a full day then the rest of the week off

  8. False positives are more rare than false negatives of If I recall correctly for these tests so I'd assume you got it but might as well get a more accurate test from a medical facility as others have pointed out.

  9. A firefighters nightmare, just imagine having to search that building in case it caught fire tight spaces twists and turns plus hidden rooms

  10. Chicken techno, Tommy skrattar, crazy frog är några godingar för väckning

  11. You do cause some friction when getting in and out of the car. Also depends what kind of clothes you’re wearing as to how much friction it will cause. If you do like to sit in your car while the gas pumps, you should discharge any possibly accumulated static by touching a random part of the car not near the gas door. Then you can safely touch the gas nozzle. If you don’t do this step, then there’s a small chance when you reach for the gas nozzle, a small static spark will ignite gas fumes that might be seeping from the handle and cause a fire. Most gas handles have anti fume skirts around them, but fumes can still escape around those.

  12. This is only possible if the gasoline is above around 25⁰C and (so likely not when it's cold outside). If you have a diesel car you can go in and out as much as you want unless it's closer to 55-60⁰C outside

  13. Ja jag blir lite kluven! Har jobbat i kundservice i 4 år nu i Storbritannien och alla företag jag jobbat för värderar glada och nöjda kunder över misstaganden för att då kommer kunderna tillbaka och spenderar mera pengar. Alla sådana här situationer anser vi utåt vara mänskliga misstag, medan vi är självklart medvetna om att vissa människor är opålitliga. Att skälla ut en kund är det absolut sista vi gör, om vi ens gör det.

  14. Jag jobbade på en Cervera butik och då var policyn att om man inte aktivt såg nån sno något så var det bara att skita i det även om man starkt misstänkte något. Och det var inte heller butikspersonalens uppgift att konfrontera eventuella snattare utan då skulle vi ringa efter väktare. Det var inte värt att konfrontera en eventuell snattare risken att de ska vara oskyldiga eller skyldiga och bli aggressiva ansågs för stor och man kunde ju bara skriva av varorna som svinn och så var problemet löst

  15. I mean, not necessarily. My fiance is a healthy weight and he snores so loud that I can't stand it.

  16. How many pillows do you use? If his head is tilted forward (chin to chest) he is going to snore more tilting it back should open the airways more and either completely erase the snoring or lessen it

  17. All of these happen in any culture and yet in those cultures you will always get asked to eat.

  18. As someone else further up said it's an "opt in" Vs "opt out" situation. In Sweden you have to specify if you want to eat, not that you don't. But as said before this is just for kids coming by unannounced, it's culturally expected that you ask the parents of the stray kid before you feed them in case they already have food waiting for them at home. And before cellphones it wasn't as easy to ask so if nothing else had been decided beforehand, which was likely if the kid was unannounced, it was expected that they would get food at home.

  19. I am a bit disappointed that it wasn't a Rick Roll

  20. I’ve heard so much slander about Sweden today. Apparently Swedes don’t let guests eat family meals with them??

  21. As a Swede I can tell you it's bullshit and a half truth. The only people that use N-balls instead of chocolate balls are boomers and edgy/incel teens. As for not letting guests have meals with you, that's just bs i don't know of anyone that would invite someone over and just casually have them wait around while you eat, unless they specifically say they don't want anything.

  22. There are implications to doing this. Having this much extra load that's also hooked into the main grid can cause issues as the grid was designed to distribute energy from a few big sources, rather than collect it from lots of little ones. So it isn't as easy as just slapping panels on every house unfortunately.

  23. There would also be a need for energy storage as well. Maybe many neighborhood storage facilities/converter that get fed from the houses and from there either send it into the rest of the grid or load up the batteries/ send it to the houses that need more power in the neighborhood

  24. Still need to address this due to seasonal and daily variations. But if you design a system around your average yearly electric need, wouldn't that reduce the magnitude of this issue? As in the households only produce as much as they use.

  25. Well battery storage is the solution to daily variations but solar probably won't be the only type of electricity generating method. It's a challenge to balance the use for households with just solar since a lot of the time people don't spend their time at home when solar produces electricity but rather when it doesn't and therefore need more electricity at a time when it isn't produced. In other words battery storage is a must for household solar to be truly successful.

  26. It's a reference to an old Casually Explained video

  27. Lag på att blinka ur men inte in, enligt körskolan, men man behöver ju inte fylla på blinkersglas så övertydlighet är alltid bra i trafiken

  28. Looks like a little person version of Justin Timberlake

  29. The first male model actually doesn't look too unachievable, if you are in your late teens to mid twenties and have a fairly good workout routine and diet. The third model is if you have a very good workout routine and diet (and some genetics) the second one is an almost unachievable body if you don't spend hours at the gym + cardio every day and have the genetics to back it up

  30. Inflammation is a key component in stress and healing responses. It's definitely super important to have a healthy amount of inflammation! It's when it's too much, in the wrong place, or inappropriate (like allergic reactions, or disease progression) that it becomes a problem. With all the emphasis these days on antioxidants and anti-inflammatories we often forget it has a purpose!

  31. My baseball coach in high school was also the anatomy & physiology teacher so he preached that you'd just rest and let the inflammation go down instead of using icepacks maybe even use heatpacks just to get the blood flowing to heal faster/better.

  32. Dropping down and starts to fill the gaps can't say I'm too mad

  33. I find it so irritating that this tech has been around for years but It just doesn't catch on in cities in the west. Especially England where people just flat out refuse anything that's not a car.

  34. They even have this in China but for cars. You drive up to a little house, sort of like a carwash, then put the car in auto drive and it drives itself into the battery changing station the battery is swapped by a bunch of robots and you're good to go in 5 ish minutes. I think they have built one such station in Norway as well but it only works with the one Chinese brand of car that I can't remember the name of

  35. After I killed a few plants I learned it's best to underwater than over water. For example When a succulent needs water the leaves will start to shrivel, and a pothos will start to look limp.

  36. The trick is to know where the plants grow naturally, a cactus doesn't need as much water as say a tomato plant

  37. My friend kept killing cactuses and I asked her about it and she said they keep turning brown and shriveling up, assuming they were becoming dehydrated and dying… so she would water them more often to prevent this.

  38. That's a good way to kill a cactus you need to put them in a spot where you forget that you put them and they will thrive

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