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  1. Damn, you gotta be loyal LOYAL can't even think about someone else 💀

  2. Female telepaths are a risky game, hot as hell but you’ll have to be a saint of a boyfriend lol, Jean, Emma, Psylock

  3. Are you kidding UAF Ben thinks with his dick and Ladybug is a loony stalker

  4. Ok I've seen 4 seasons of miraculous and just starting 5 and ladybug is not a stalker she is just obsessed with Adrian and gets awkward around him

  5. She literally did an entire graphic with details of were Adrain would be at every hour of the day 💀 stalker is little for her she is in another level

  6. Harry should consider himself fortunate they don’t do a DNA test. Then he’d get his wish and he really wouldn’t be a member of the royal family.

  7. Jan has always been the in-universe premiere heroine. I know there are other contenders like Sue Richards, but I still think Jan is the pinnacle. Even Captain Marvel said the Wasp was the greatest Avenger of all time.

  8. I feel like they change who is the BIG female character over time. Sue was once the big one as she was marvel’s First Lady and most sale able female character, then they tried with Janet in the late 70s and She hulk in the early 80s (she in fact remained very popular, specially after joining the Fantastic Four) but then Storm came and her reign lasted from the 80s to even the early 2000s, in fact Storm defeated Wonder Woman in the polls of the amalgam comics event in the 90s. Nowadays they have been trying really hard for Carol to be their big heroine but she hasn’t gotten a very well, though she has good precedents, If am not mistaken she had the first comic run with a female lead in Marvel.

  9. I usually don’t read that much comics so every time I try to grasp Pylocks’s story on Wikipedia I feel like I lose some brain cells

  10. Slovenian anthem: Let's be friends uwu

  11. https://www.unddit.com/r/stevenuniverse/comments/zeuc3u/ai_generated_anime_girl_versions_of_the_diamond/izaipv8/

  12. as an artist it is terrifying!

  13. Yeah this most really suck for artist, imagine even how much more advanced it will get in a few years, however can you monetized AI art?

  14. After the Pevensies left Narnia it became basically no man’s land, when the Telmarines colonized Narnia it was in kind of chaos and there were no rulers. Remember that according to Aslan only humans sons and daughters of Adam and Eve could rule Narnia and the Telmarines were in fact from our world so the throne was rightfully taken by them. Caspian was recognized and accepted as Prince and future king by the old Narnians cause he defended their race and Narnia’s roots.

  15. I loved when the character’s powers were simpler, first Hokage? Tree guy. Second Hokage? Water anti Uchiha guy. The third? Basic Elemental mashup. Tsunade? Fucking strong for some reason

  16. I feel like Sakura and Hinata are different faces of the same coin. To me they represent all that a writer should avoid when writing female characters. But I do think it’s quite visible how some fans are more willing to forgive Hinata for being a bad character cause she is more traditionally feminine, gentle, submissive and attractive and probably see her as a trophy that Naruto “deserved”. Meanwhile Sakura is presented as more tomboyish, antagonistic of Naruto, “likes the other guy” which is something some guys could dislike as they have probably experienced that. So even tho they are both bad characters for the same reasons people are more willing to like Hinata for dumb reasons

  17. I haven’t really watched any of those movies other than the Disney cartoon.

  18. this man is so dense, “there’s a hierarchy in the family.”

  19. Elizabeth’s life’s “work” can be summarised by getting free tickets for life and reading a 5 minute script once a year, not even sure how you’d go about destroying that tbh

  20. "I cannot lead you into battle. I do not give you laws or administer justice but I can do something else – I can give my heart and my devotion to these old islands and to all the peoples of our brotherhood of nations."

  21. Oh god if that happens i can already see the dickheads flocking to say “omg ikemoto gave her a pink susanoo because shes a girlll!!!1111” 🙄

  22. I mean pretty much all the female characters of the series have stereotypically feminine designs, Sakura it’s literally a pink haired woman. And almost all the kunoichis have some type of skin showing piece of outfit. I don’t think people would complain about her having a feminine design

  23. I feel like like Katara on her own has enough means to beat Toph, specially comics Katara who learned to do

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