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  1. First attempt. Got topped about a week ago. Seems kinda lanky or is it just because it's outside 🤔.

  2. You can use maple syrup as well. Yeast will eat just about any simple sugar. Banana is a strong flavor so heads up on that.

  3. Just curious though, do other agents work for u? At all? Pain meds, and im assuming some off label use meds. Also, thats great that you are taken care of!

  4. I have pain meds that I use in extreme situations. Lately I've been making edibles and tinctures, the waves hit my body and calm the nerves.

  5. I hear you. Edibles just do wonders for me also. Glad u have things that work in emergencies. Lets just hope neither of us end up back in the hospital anytime soon. Regardless of cause, weve found an effective solution. Where alternatives are less than ideal. Curious hve you tried different forms of electrical stimulation?

  6. My doctors are playing pass the cripple around and not getting to the problem. My spine decided to degenerate in a few different places all at once. My main problem is nerve damage in my neck. My right arm suffers the most. It's weak and dexterity is gone. I had acdf in January last year and it continues to crumble. I had emergency t8-t9 laminectomy that left me herniation again after operation. And last but not least Retrolisthesis in l5.

  7. https://www.cannaconnection.com/blog/19208-cannabis-fan-leaves-what-they-are-and-how-to-use-them

  8. Aurora by Nirvana seeds. I made a shit load of mistakes, like under watering. I'm disabled and having trouble using stairs, it happened after I started growing her. Anyway, today starts week 8 of flower. I never had this happen before, a plant matured before its calling of 9-11 weeks or another 2 weeks as you guys put it, lol.

  9. Just picked up the knockout OG. Couldn’t decide between that and the intergalactic toad but I see you got that figured out lol

  10. I wasn't planning on west coast, but with points and discounts, all 5 came to 191.00

  11. and if they were harvested earlier/later then that? more amber is more couch lock and more milky is head high? is that correct then?

  12. For me personally I don't want to couch lock, so I pull when they're milky and first sign of amber.

  13. IMO this is the right way to go generally, although people will have preferences.

  14. Every one is so hype saying the bud isn't going to be as potent. Somebody has to take one for the team. I'd gladly sacrifice a plant to get 100+ guaranteed auto female seeds.

  15. If I'm not mistaken why don't u sit in the chair and it won't "burn your face".

  16. The huge colas are the two lowest branches from the plant. They were curing with the rest of the plant and then more white pistols appeared and kept appearing, it has a funky shape to it

  17. This is definitely not foxtailing. These nuggets are stacking calyxes,, just as they should. No worries here, mate 🙂

  18. These two are taking their time, lol. Harvest was 2 days ago, the two colas are lingering

  19. Are you making anything special?

  20. yah.. I think you must have had a ph or nute problem too. sigh

  21. Yeah over and under watering. I went too big too fast, 4 autos in one tent and 2 photos in another. I'm disabled and pain is not my friend. Sometimes the fatigue gets the best of me and I slack a bit.

  22. no it was rot :( I chopped it and got it out of the tent.. it was so nice too.. I mussed PH and I think over watered and this is what I got .. ugh

  23. No it will sweat in a porous container, you will get mould it should be glass or some type of metal

  24. This is why weed is considered a gateway drug. Sure you're shoving weed up your butt this wekk....😂😂😂😂

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