AITA for selling the house my brother and his family live in.

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  1. Actually, people who think they should live somewhere for free are the very definition of parasite

  2. The fact that you think that the basic need of housing as something that should be paid for tells me all I need to know about you as a person.

  3. I motion to ban using any form of personal information in this sub, I don’t want to think about any of you as real people.

  4. Praying it is much worse than it sounds! 👏🏽👏🏽 got the crab rave queued up just in case.

  5. not everyone is going to leave the cities at once. op is asking why she can't afford to live on her salary, i've given a reason why.

  6. And all these brand new small towns will all have the same 50k a year salary you enjoy correct? Also all these people have the know how and resources to build up these towns from scratch? There’s a reason cities are so populated, that is where wealth is generated. But sure we should all abandon the cities that people have lived their whole lives in instead of idk fixing the affordable housing crisis.

  7. not every town is going to have the job you're looking for. but some of them will. good luck creating affordable housing in a place with a population density of 20,000 people in every square mile.

  8. So what happens to those too poor to live in cities and can’t find work in these small towns? Dense cities are perfect for affordable housing because you can build more of it closer together.

  9. In a similar boat with our 15week old pup. He’s adorable and actually very well behaved but the biting and constant need for attention can be a drag. For biting we’ve started to completely disengage with him and leave the room or move if he won’t redirect to a toy, and it’s really helped!

  10. They should include the part where we would need winters like this last one for the next 2~ decades to undo the drought conditions we are in currently.

  11. My hot take: Elden Beast is an amazing boss in my opinion.

  12. It only took 1 winning season for our sub to go from meme gods to cringe kings. Embarrassing.

  13. They had my friend “training” for over a month even though he was taking his own tables just to tell him and about 20 other new hires they couldn’t pay them their tips out, Dog shit company that I’d stay far away from. Scottsdale location btw.

  14. Free speech absolutists when they lose their job/no one likes them after they share their shitty bigotry publicly.

  15. I think miquella is going to be a ranni 2.0, only quest giver and if You fight him instant death.

  16. I’m hoping for a Gael 2.0 story, Miquella will give us a quest/help us through this dlc and then later we will have to fight them.

  17. Wow, who would have guessed the owner of a construction company and mayor of one of the growing towns would have a “fuck it we’ll figure it out” attitude about this.

  18. I love how you go from “paint offers a great degree of protection” to “yes, it can be driven over”.

  19. Also I’m sure the 46,000~ people who die from car crashes a year think paint is a great protector.

  20. Ah yes, El mirage, that bastion of sprawl and decadence.

  21. Well, it's landlocked, and very poor, so this is going to do wonders for them.

  22. I’m not happy this is happening? I feel awful for the people the drought is going to displace, guarantee greedy developers and real estate investors didn’t warn these people looking for a cheap home how close they are to losing water.

  23. She isn't great. I wouldn't be proud of her (or any politician). I voted for her, because she is far better than the lunatic. Still, she would have lost to a halfway decent GOP candidate.

  24. It’s just serving food and drinks at the end of the day, no one is going to change the world because of it. Take a deep breath, enjoy your time at work, and then go home and do something/be with people you care about.

  25. We’ll there we have it folks this one person like the end game of GOW more so we’ve got to change the award.

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