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  1. You can really fly indefinitely with 3 even, you just have to be more careful. I think I landed once when I was going around to gather them all and that was only because the location of the glyph forced you into a small room.

  2. The fully upgraded vigor is not even in the same ballpark as anything previous to it. It is so, so, so much better.

  3. I've already got gold on all the Advanced Courses a few hours ago. I haven't had this much fun in an expansion since Legion.

  4. My ex is an identical twin, and neither of them can even talk about that scene without tearing up. The bond between identical twins is impossible to comprehend for anyone who isn't one as far as I can tell.

  5. looks like i've found my nemesis

  6. She has a clear, well communicated motivation that you can empathize with, and you can understand why the dragon aspects have a complicated relationship with her as well. All of this right in the prepatch before the story even starts.

  7. Nozdormu exclaiming "Razsageth!" during the Dracthyr intro even gave me chills.

  8. If you do GM Nightfalls, they seem quite common. And you don’t get the Trials one, unless you go Flawless.

  9. End of season always brings the lower player counts since there isn't much to do. The clickbait titles on videos are something that always annoys me.

  10. "Clickbait remover for youtube" has done wonders for me.

  11. ....because we can't already? The only Legion raid I can't fully solo is the final one and that's not because it's too hard but because the Eonar fight requires more than one person...

  12. You can solo Eonar (I soloed all of Antorus a few months ago on my 228 paladin)

  13. It's been a while since I tried but when I did it last I had trouble keeping her alive while I was up top doing the ship mechanic. I'm talking about mythic by the way, in case that's relevant.

  14. Yeah, so am I :) it's possible, just requires you to run right ways. There are videos on YouTube to show this. I did it on my paladin as ret which is one of the slowest characters, so if it's doable there it's doable on most :)

  15. I wish the guy just yawned at some point, to trigger the insecure guy even more.

  16. No, it isn't. Please stop making this an issue. If you don't want to power through you can drop the heirlooms, take your time and enjoy the story, and you'll spend 40 hours instead of 4 if you want.

  17. I get that. But he had to have been in the pub every day since 1989 for the story to work. Had he simply assumed that Dream never would return then he wouldn’t have been there when he did show up.

  18. Once a year at the same date. Not every day.

  19. Dream missed their last appointment, so the assumption is that Hob built (or at the very least occupies) the New Inn every day hoping Dream will show up (late). If he was waiting for Dream to show up on the appointed day, they wouldn't meet again until 2083, because their last scheduled appointment was 1983. Instead they meet in 2021, because Dream decides to go now instead of in 2083, and Hob has been waiting for him to show up for 33 years.

  20. I would argue it's logical to assume that he'd be there on the same date every year as opposed to being there every day for 33 years.

  21. the choice to make skins 20 fucking dollars will forever baffle me

  22. I spend quite a lot on cosmetics in games I enjoy but these prices are fucking ridiculous to the point of insanity. Yes they'll make a bunch off of it anyway but fuck me sideways if I ever spend this much on one skin.

  23. Blizzard removing the pendulum from the waist of time is what cursed the last 2 expansions of this game.

  24. The levels of complaints because it would clip into everything on every race would be off the charts.

  25. You know that you can get it in a hour?

  26. Pieces that aren't the full set, Chest (unseen) Belt (covered by libram from weapon on waist) and helm.

  27. Same. Never got the shoulders either from the boss or vault :/ Ill have to go back there in DF just for shoulders :(

  28. Can’t get that sword or most of that set tho! :( hopefully you got it tho!

  29. $1500 is fucking ridiculous for a chair aimed at the gamer market.

  30. Buy item. From. Vendor = 60 reknown.. Works also if your below lvl 60

  31. Do you still get renown for doing the treads of fate leveling if you start a new 50 at 60 renown?

  32. Yes and you get a lot more now, bonus objectives now rewards renown too

  33. Nice, so basically you should hit Renown 80 by the time you're level 60 now if you start at Renown 60?

  34. I had no idea you could extend a lockout, unbelievable. So can I now invite cross faction etc as well??

  35. Not including races that received Warfront themed sets during BFA. Many consider the heroic versions of those to be on the same level as heritage armor (in terms of quality).

  36. The warfront armors are not in any way heritage armor sets.

  37. It is a travesty we don't have more games with Bayek.

  38. Concept art is better than any of them in game, however some in game do look really good, better if the concept wasn't available for comparison.

  39. What still annoys me is that they downgrade the effects on the non mythic/elite variants. I really wish they would keep the glows and extra effects, so we'd have more color variants to choose from.

  40. Make everything account wide, shouldnt have to do reps on different characters etc.

  41. When Ion said "pretty much everything will be account wide in DF" I was really hoping RBG titles and Balance of Power would be included.. Guess not. U_u

  42. Same, bro. Still proud of my Grand Crusader 🙌 Although I’m a Shaman.

  43. Its account wide tho so make a paladin and slap that title on.

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