1. your intuition that lead you to buy some GME and come up with this outstanding market theory?

  2. Thank you. You answered it. Correct it is a thought experiment.Is there a pattern or strategy to this? Your response is that you are formulating one. As for the second part the modern market includes market makers and the general public. Prior to 1974 largely the general public did not invest so it was all market makers.There was no IRA and no incentive for the general public to invest in stock, brokers were expensive as advisors, and the buy in steep

  3. I basically realized the market can be thought of as two types of participants. Humans and algorithms. And we can imagine what charts would look like if only humans participated or only algorithms participated.

  4. Twice the mass, yes. But such collisions would be extremely rare.

  5. I'm thinking it might not be THAT rare during the big bang since it seems like there was almost an infinite number of protons at one point if some percentage of these collided to make microscopic black holes, and those microscopic black holes collided to make bigger massive blackholes, perhaps that's when the black holes we see at the center of each galaxy were created? I know black holes were formed from supernovas, but it doesn't make much sense that we see one in the center of every galaxy

  6. No, there were not an "almost infinite" number of protons. And the BHs at the enters of galaxies were formed by accretion of stars in the early stages of galaxy formation, not by the accretion of primordial BHs.

  7. However...if you collide protons at higher and higher energies you get bigger and bigger black holes. It still is possible that unimaginably high energies happened during the big bang causing particles to collide with each other and forming massive black holes.

  8. "Hi! I'm Dave. I couldn't help noticing your body is somehow passing through the bar."

  9. It looks like they both have two erect wee-wee's pushing their blanket up

  10. From the medical standpoint, hard to see a widespread use case.

  11. And currently, it's really hard and expensive for patients likely to get a stroke to get tested because traditional MRI machines are expensive and stationary. meaning it costs patients a lot to get tested, & they have to wait for other patients in-line to get tested due to the lack of portable, cheap MRI machines. Hyperfine's Swoop is going to change all of that

  12. They're using the MRI machine to look for potential stroke patients. Strokes are the 2nd leading cause of death in the world.

  13. I use apostrophes if i'm making a huge list because it's faster, I don't have to press shift. and quotes for a single word because visually it helps me differentiate between lists with one word vs lists with multiple words

  14. Holders of bitcoin also hold tech stocks? That's usually the reason why different asset classes are correlated.

  15. Yeah but the question and concern among investors right now is why are people selling tech stocks and bitcoin simultaneously leading to this price correlation. This hasn't happened yet, it's new and up for debate.

  16. Crypto sell offs haven't really been anchored to tech stocks. Bitcoin is trading at the same levels as it was in February.

  17. From a quick look, I agree. Solid P/E, P/S, and P/B. Seems like a bargain at 2.03

  18. It's down because Bitcoins are down, at the end of the day institutions control long-term price fluctuations.

  19. Does that mean that fundamentals be damned b/c the price of the stock is more or less tied to price of bitcoin?

  20. Yeah it does! it actually offers a chance for small investors to make bank off of bitcoin volitility. You could just buy bitcoin but these mining stocks have a higher return, and you don't have to use a sketchy new bitcoin exchange either.

  21. You will probably always have depression. You have to find a reason to like other things, and those things will start to occupy more space in your mind. Currently, depression occupies a large portion of your mind right now, and you have to change that! is it possible? fuck yeah it is...other people have done it, so can you. It's really hard too, I've had to do it. and the beginning of this sentence is true, you will always have depression, I still have it. I've just reduced it's amplitude by adopting new habits and protocols in my life that have a greater amplitude than depression. I don't always feel like sunshine and daisies after having depressed depressions amplitude. But I feel more in control, feeling in control over my mind is far greater than happiness, pleasure, etc.

  22. Maybe you should try an make some kind of art, without using a sketchbook and pencil. There are other ways of making art, try something new! art comes from the mind, and materializes once the artist turns what's in the mind into the material. You are not limited to just a sketchbook and pencil. And I think your mind cries out for more, our minds are complex, we need to give them more stimulus to grow, if we just limit our minds to one thing, they become depressed.

  23. Dude all I can get out of this text is one thing...you gotta get better at telling that cute girl at the desk "Have a nice day" clearly you are utter fucking trash at it right now. but you can get better! All of that other stuff you're doing, yeah I agree it's bullshit, you're not an idiot to think that. You just gotta start trying new things, taking on new challenges, starting with that cute girl at the desk. With enough self-discipline and practice, you can change, and eventually, there will be far less than a desk between you and that girl. lol

  24. The answer is neither. Whenever you find your brain making a choice between two things that you don't necessarily have to do, but feel you should do and have no other choice. STOP, and consciously try to think of a third choice. Maybe you can't think of a third choice, but that act in and of itself is making a third choice. The choice to think about a third choice. You have to start small when overcoming issues. It's a practice

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